Scleroderma &raunurds

I have scleroderma & raynuards also copd& vascular disease I have stents in both legs and angioplasty balloons in both legs and blocked artery in my stomach just out hospital got one toe amputated also got to see consultant about my lungs they found nodules and fluids round my heart ask doctors about scleroderma they don't now Mutch about it in Aberdeen Scotland any help on here

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  • Ask your GP to refer you to a specialist on the condition, a rheumatologist. Sorry about all your troubles.

  • Seen rheumatologist Aberdeen vascular consultant

  • Sorry to hear this. There is a specialist centre at Ninewells hospital in Dundee, the number is 01382 383 233. You could try calling them and asking their advice and they might be able to work with your doctor in Aberdeen. Hopefully they can help.

  • Thanks I will phone

  • You got email address for this nine wells

  • No sorry.

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