Does anyone know if scleroderma can cause one to see bright flashing swirls if one blinks in darkness?

I dont know if I have scleroderma but I experience this, Have seen 2 opticians and opthamolgist at local hospital (waiting for cataract surgery there) who all said nothing to do with eyes. One optician said it might be an image from the brain I have been dabbling on Inspire (an american site for scleroderma) frightened me!! It seems to imply that scleroderma shrinks everything and now I'm worried brain is shrinking ....HELP!!!

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  • I have never heard of your brain shrinking, and from what I have read on Scleroderma and on other sites, it is the skin that shrinks. The outside stuff 8) If you have a Rheumatologist that is treating you, I would suggest talking to them or to one of the nurses. Check to see if there is a nurse help line, they can usually answer most of your questions.

    You need to take what you read with a grain of salt, if you end up having Scleroderma, it is different for each individual, so if someone has something it does not mean you will get it as well. You can plugin symptoms into the computer and come up with all kinds of scarry stuff! I have visual disturbances at times, and these are caused by stress headaches and I have had them since I was in my teens.So talk to your doctor and take a few deep breaths, like I said in the begining I have not read or heard of anyone's brain shrinking due to Scleroderma.

  • Thank you!! i'm fine now - just feel a bit silly. I'm old enough to know

  • I agree with uknlv entirely. Life is worth living.

  • Never feel silly, as they say the only bad question is the one you dont ask. And if you can't ask all of us then who can you ask! It helps to be able to have people you know are going through the same things what they think about what you are going through. So do not feel that I was making lite of your concerns, and keep asking. I have had some pretty silly thoughts with all of this as well, and get down reading some of the things other people have and wonder if they are meant for me, but I try to just take it as it comes and hope for the best! Keep similing and if your brain does shrink at least the zombies won't want it so bad when they attack!!! LOL 8)

  • Thanks for this - made me laugh esp. bit about the zombies Dont think anyone would be able to do much with my brain anyway!!!

    Cheers LOL

  • not silly--i am being treated for eye problem-similar symptoms-when the fluid sack behind the iris shrinks it bounces around and catches and pulls those flashes are pulling episodes --if they catch and tear you will lose sight...luckily i have no tears and the steroids have helped with the issue...still not dx. i am visiting this site to find out how many eye ball episodes are in this population --just doing my own research....all the best on your issues....

  • Thanks,

    Do you know what the sac behind the iris is called? - also what is dx. short for?

  • yes it is the viterous and it is behind the cornea and in front of the retina..when mine shrunk it tagged on the retina and those 'bright lights' were flashes -electrical charges sort to speak -- mine did not tear--yay!

    and short hand for diagnosis--they can't figure out what caused the iritis episode which came 2 weeks before the LIGHT SHOW...iritis caused my eye to become extremely painful, swollen and bright red--nothing pink about it--steroid treatment calmed it down over time--but 2 weeks into steroid tx. treatment--i had the lightning bolts i call it--they say it was unrelated to the iritis but......anyway, the iritis part is also noted on this site else where by 3-4 other readers.

    hopefully will get some answers in a bit--the professional who identified the viterous issue [lightening bolts] is a retina surgeon--so, there it is.

    i wish you all the best--stay warm! Cold toes

  • Thanks

    Dont quite think I have lightning bolts!, had no eye prolems previously You certainly seem to have been through the mill I have beginnings of cateracts (I'm 72) have been seen at hosp still waiting for follow up app. Eye dept dont seem to think anything to worry about but i worry for the world and will keep guard Glad to have your interest and wish you well Must phone hosp app now 4mths overdue - that seems to be par for the course!!!

    Cheers and good wishes, thanks for info

  • oh--lightning bolts is what i call streaks of light that flash--and i am in my mid-50s...never had any eye problems before in my life--but told i will have again due to whatever chronic disease it causing the iritis. best to you foxglove...happy holidays! coldtoes

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