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I am new to the community and would welcome any self help advice also what to expect. I had an infection and sepsis 18months ago following this I felt constantly tired and aching joints following several tests it was determined I was ANA positive so referred to a rheumatologist. I continue to be ANA positive and SCL70 positive, I have also developed raynauds. I also appear to have developed a gluten intolerance. The specialist states I do not hit the criteria for a diagnosis of scleroderma but he has put me hydroxychloroquine to help with joint pain which I have been on for the last 5 weeks. I presently have tendon pain in the hips and ankle and pins and needles. I am not taking pain killers and have been on.a self imposed gluten free diet which I find is helping. So how can I help fatigue and tendon pain and am I likely to develop full blown scleroderma. I work full time and want to be able to manage this and work. Thanks in anticipation.

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  • hi Butch54 your post sounds very much like me,I was diagnosed with secondary raynaunds 2 years ago with a positive ANA after i was ill with flu and a chest infection,my fingers and toes all swelled and i was soooo tired and cold all the time.I have nifedipine for the raynaunds and the last time i saw my rheumatologist she gave me hydroxychloroquine as my knees, ankles and knuckle joints on my hands are affected.I wish i had the answers about the fatigue all i can say is listen to your body and rest when you can,(its hard to realise your body and energy levels are not the same as before) I worked full time and now i can only work part time and had to change career. So far its just raynaunds showing in my blood tests my rheumatologist has mentioned MCTD( mixed connective tissue disease) i get the results next time i see her, i asked is anything else going to develope? she replied its possible!!.so who knows what the future will bring. Sorry I do not have the answers to your questions but you are not alone ,look after yourself, keep yourself warm and rest when you can, take care vic78

  • Thanks Vic78

    The hydroxy appears to have kicked in a feeling quite good at present. Have to wait for the next rheumy appointment

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