Blanket for knees

I want a blanket for when I'm sat at home watching tv or reading, my husband is always warm and we can't afford to have the heating on all day and night. At the moment I have a cheap fleece blanket but I was thinking a proper wool one might be warmer?

Saw some nice ones on a recent Holiday to Wales but not sure what to look for, a pure 100% wool! sheepskin wool or something else?

Thinking of it as an investment and something that is going to help me, not bothered that I am going to look like an old woman with my shawl or knee blanket, they had the right idea!

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  • I'm not affiliated but I liked the look of some of the products on this website. Eyes are watering at the price though.

  • That website has some nice stuff but expensive, I have ordered some cheap wrist warmers off ebay so I can see if I like them.

    Think I am likening the idea of a shawl

  • I thought it was really pricey but the hugs look lovely... Maybe a Christmas present! Currently investigating thermal underwear, tights etc... Joy!

  • I suggest you enter Heated Throw on the internet. I have one, it is marvelous.

  • I have a heated throw and use it in the conservatory, but in my lounge I have an expensive leather sofa, so thought it might not be a goo idea?

  • I use it in my posh lounge and hide it if there are guests.

  • heated products are the way to go if you are sitting near a plug socket. I also like exo jackets - wear one of these all the time and you will get the cost of your reduced heating bills back v quickly ! Buy enough batteries so you can charge one set while you are wearing the other.

  • Where do you get the exo jackets? Sounds good to me

  • and other places, search on line. But if you go via exo and quote RSDA you may get a discount? they have advertised this in the past

  • Thanks I'll have a look, seem expensive, might have to go on my Xmas list, should be able to get them on prescription

  • I suggest 2 fluffy dogs, mine are a god send! I just buy cheap blankets from Dunelm Mill, can't have Wool of any kind near my skin,( except celtic sheepskin slippers and Gloves which are fabulous) just itches like crazy. I am also on a leather sofa so I have one blanket under me and 2 on top of me. They wash easy and it doesn't matter if the dogs are on them as well, I also use a hot water bottle if it is very cold, I live in Scotland in the hills near the ski areas!!!!

  • Never thought of sitting on a blanket and one on top, I'll give this a go, thanks

  • I find sheeps wool a bit to heavy so I saved up and got an alpaca wool blanket, it's light but extremely warm. If weight isn't an issue try knitting yourself an Arran wool one. You could learn to arm knit if needles are difficult.

  • I have other problems which means knitting is out, like the sound of the Alpaca blanket, where did you get yours from?

  • Hi Swizzle, if money is no object try The Peruvian Connection (around £300), however if like me you have a smaller budget then amazon sell alpaca throws and blankets for around £40 that will do the job just fine. They're much lighter weight than wool and I think a lot warmer.

    Best wishes

  • £40 if defo my budget, I can no longer work due to illness, no DlA just my hubbies wage to keep me!

    I'll have a look, thank you

  • I know what you mean, it's the same here although I do get DLA. Make sure you're getting all the benefits you're entitled to. They sometimes top up disabled peoples money with income support. Don't give up and fight them all the way!!

  • I did apply for DLA a few years ago, did not have a Dx at the time, they thought I had MS. My husband works and has a good job. Heared it's even harder now to get DLA or PIP? Stress makes me worse. I have Raynards and undiferential conective tissue disease as Dx conditions.

  • I use this one: and it is very toasty - two layers of heavy fleecey stuff. - also double as an extra layer for bed

  • This look great too, looks like I'm going to have loads of options

  • I just made myself a variety of quilted and crocheted lap blankets I also make myself wheat bags - couldn't live without my microwavable wheat bags.

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