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Menopause accompanied by raynauds and scleroderma

For months I have been plagued with symptoms of the menpause accompanied by sudden severe attacks of raynauds and complications surrounding my scleroderma. There have been days when I have felt absolutely distraught by the painful raynauds and the sensation of a pounding headache, palpitations and the hot flashes that leave me with a bright red face and soaking wet clothes....very distressing and very uncomfortable....However; things are looking better thanks to my kind next door neighbor who recommended that I try the Ladycare Menopause Magnet......Well, I have only wore the magnet for 24 hours and already my symptoms are 75% improved....For the first time in weeks I slept through the night without waking up with a burning sensation and wringing wet night clothes....The reviews on the magnet are really good and there are claims that it symptoms of hot flushes, night sweats, fatigue, mood swings, memory lapses, loss of libido, headaches, vaginal dryness and bloating are greatly improved. There are also claims that it can help if you need to lose weight....I'm hoping that it will continue to be effective for me........ it is a discreet device that works using the unique SM fields of the body in a natural way and is being used by thousands of women.....I bought mine from Boots for 25 pounds and up to now I am very happy with my device....

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Pleased to hear that something so simple has brought relief to your torment. Long may it continue! Best wishes to you.


Thank you Tall Tim for your reply....the magnet is working really well and I have slept through the night all week without waking with a hot flush and night sweats.....Its a shame it doesn't help with my raynauds, but I am delighted that at last I have some relief from my menopausal symptoms...Best wishes to you...


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