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Pulmonary Hypertension

I've just had all the tests and been diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension. Fortunately, I have my Rheumatologist to thank for it has been picked up very early on as it is just over the borderline. The base line being 25 and my pressure is at 26. This shows that with a good Rheumatologist who monitors the signs and symptoms it can be caught very early. I am now on Syndenafil and have to go back in 4 months. If anyone out there is waiting to find out don't worry too much. I had myself dead and buried when I was first told that I was being referred and the tests were quite simple and now I know that I can carry on as normal, just take the exercise a little more easily and at my own pace. Thanks to all the staff at the Royal Staffordshire I have nothing but admiration and praise for them all. The porters, cleaners, nurses and doctors are all so cheerful and happy and nothing is too much bother for them and everyone of them is very approachable.

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Great to hear praise being given about your health care team. I feel exactly the same about the care I am receiving. I am on the back boiler with the PAH but confident in the excellent monitoring by my rheumatologist. Where you at all aware that something was happening ie changes taking place with your breathing ? As I can't say I have! I am 72 this birthday and I do think some of my 'symptons' are age rather than related to the scleroderma.


My pulmonary pressures have been between 35 and 45 for many years so just keep going! I also take sildenafil and have excellent care so it takes the worry away. Good luck - I am sure you will be fine!



I have just been diagnosed with PAH. Following a right side heart catheter.

I am 72 and due to start Tadalfil


Hya u have just got my appt to go to Sheffield hospital for suspected PHT and I have just read the leaflet that came with it and I am now petrified, I am only 47 and am terrified I am going to die soon.

Sorry for the misery but it's taking over my thoughts xx

Thanks Diane xz


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