Was sent appointment for follow up appointment with Rheumatologist while I was on holiday although they had been told 3 times the dates I

was away! Now been given date in October. Am seeing Gp on monday so am going to adk if he can arrange a private appointment or refer me to a different hospital. Stillhave no results of blood tests, lung function tests and echo cardiogramwhich were done in March/April.Getting depressed and anxious waiting for answers and possible treatment as my symptoms are becoming worse. Trying to keep busy to take my mind off it all. Soory fot the moan needed to get it off my chest !

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  • Get it off your chest! Sorry I can't help with appointment dates. I'm in the same boat. Had my PFT at the end of May, Echo cardiogram next week and dear only knows when my appointment in rheumatology will be. Consoling myself that I am still able to go to the gym and I'm jogging but I've found some more white, waxy skin on my face. It's hard to throw yourself into something an totally unwind with this on your mind. (I've also just been told I'm getting a great tan. Irony...)

  • I was having a little moan to myself too about the time between appointments and them having to be reminded about repeat tests. I spoke to my G.P , rang the consultant's secretary with two simple requests and went away for two weeks to enjoy the sunny weather in Scotland. I came back to a batch of appointments and a reduced waiting time for the Consultant. The system can work, eventually. Good Luck!

  • please phone the consultants secretary they can often get you in after clinic. good luck and stay positive xx

  • Telephone your hospital on the number on the letter and calmly explain what happened and ask for a quick appointment.

  • Had no joy with this approach, there is a shortage of rheumatologists in this region and one is on long term sick leave.

  • Hi is there an email facility for changing appointments it sometimes works better and the hospital has a record of the changes you wish to make. If you ask for a referral to the Royal Free hospital (I don't know where you live?) The GP can refer you, they can sort you out and the service is free. Just a suggestion.

  • I have found that ringing the Hospital/rheumatologist Secretary yields the best outcome for appointments.

  • I have always found that if you contact the hospital and speak to the appointments clerk, they can usually find you a more suitable appointment.

  • Have tried this with no joy. Appointment in October is earliest they can give me and that is with locum, unable to see original consultant until December! Gp has also tried to get me an earlier appointment with no success. Reluctant to go privately due to cost, living on pension so may be a problem.

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