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Gas exchange low end of normal on lung function test

I had a routine lung function test today and the technician said my gas exchange was at the lower end of normal. I recently had to have 2 lots of antibiotics and an inhaler for an upper respiratory infection. I pulled my chest and ribs coughing and my chest still feels a little tight and my voise still a little raspy, I also still have a tickle at times. I guess being on immunosuppressants it will take a while to get over. I asked the technician if that would affect the results and he said no the machine was top of the range. Surely no matter how good the machine is if you arent fully functioning as normal it will affect the results. Just wondered what everyone thought

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The technician is not entitled to give you an opinion, it's not his job. The rheumatologist is the one to give you an opinion and advice.


Yes I know , I still think he is wrong surely the tail end of infection would effect the gas exchange


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