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New to Raynauds, any mums out there? Any financial help eg Disability Living Allowance for children?

Hi my daughter who is 12 nearly 13 has been diagnosed with Raynauds Disease and has also had coeliac disease since she was 6. I noticed in June even on a hot day on the tube in London Ellas feet bright red, purple, white sploges etc. She was diagnosed at the end of June and has nifedipine but this is not helping. She is in severe pain and also wears thermals. With Ella it seems a chronic condition and is not limited to the winter months, stress seems to be a factor too. Is there any help financially as the clothing is expensive, the heating bills, the extra water, driving her about as she cant walk very far (not trying to get motability) so I and the school are giving her lots of care and support. ~She cannot do outside PE and struggles in the gym. We really struggle and are back to Great Ormond Street in January. Any help would be fab!

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I think you would be better asking at the job centre plus because they are the only idiots that know anything any more lol, as with any illness it depends how badly you are affected by your disability, maybe give them a ring and ask them to send you a form out and then it would be ATOS who don't give ATOS who will arrange a medical, beware though and don't rush in. As you have maybe read about the benefit system under the coalition, disabled people are the ones who are made to suffer most.


Hi there. Sounds as if your daughter is really suffering with Raynaud's. It affects everyone in different and similar ways. It sounds as if she may qualify for some financial assistance. Philip is correct, go to Jobcentre Plus, ask to see an advisor and have a talk with him/her. Find out if your GP would back up your claim for DLA for your daughter. If you get the claim pack, get help to fill it. Some people go to the CAB for help with that.

The form is in two parts and about seventy pages so it takes time. Gather all medical evidence to prove diagnosis and give as much details as possible about how this condition affects your daughter in her daily living.

Be prepared to appeal, ATOS can be quite tough. Good luck and best wishes to you and family.



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