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Has anyone experienced Multi-Connective Tissue Disease?

My sister has recently been diagnosed with this following a drs appointment with Raynauds. She has a whole load of other health issues that could be symptoms indicating how this disease will manifest itself (Lupus, Scleroderma etc). But I just hoped to find someone who may have had experience of this disease.

Any help/feedback would be great.



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My first symptoms were Raynaud's. The diagnosis was C.R.E.S.T later called Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease.

I also have overlap of Lupus. I am 65years old and was diagnosed in my late 30's


I have had mixed connective tissue disorder for some years now and like your sister was originally diagnosed with RA.

I have traces of Lupus and also quite severe raynauds but the good news is that my rheumatologists have been great and I am now able to carry out the vast majority of tasks without a problem. i take hydroxychloroquin which seems to keep my symptoms at bay.

Do hope that the doctors find some treatment that works for your sister


Hi, I have mixed connective tissue disorder, like your sister I have been diagnosed with raynauds(a severe one), scleroderma,lupus overlap and sjogrens syndrome, I take methotrexate for the others and a few more other meds for my raynauds. I wish your sister all the best with her treatment and hope she gets the best to help her through it.


Like KathleenMary I have had mixed connective tissue disorder for some 30+ years now having been originally diagnosed with systemic sclerosis when I was aged 29. It is thought I started with this in my mid-teens, I was on prednisolone for a number of years but am now on hydroxychloroquin. In addition I now have fibromyalgia for which I take duloxetine. MCTD is an umbrella term but rheumatologists will monitor the condition carefully and I find I am able to live a fairly full life so long as I factor in some rest days.

I, too, hope that the doctors find some treatment that works for your sister


Hello There,

So sorry about your other symptoms. It is indeed a "Phenomenon" On an almost daily basis, there's something new manifesting itself, I know as I live with this everyday. It can be very frustrating but you will find some good advice here on this forum, Good luck!



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