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hi I'm really confused I was diagnosed with raynoids a few years bk n was told it was primary raynoids I had a blood test done to check my ana levels the hospital told me it was a positive result I went to see my gp regarding the results n was told if was a very low positive so they said I didn't have secondary raynoids I thought any kind of positive was a positive

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  • I don't know. I was skin tested at 12 and retested in my 20's or early 30's but I don't even remember how they re-tested now...

  • I'm not sure about this but I think you can have secondary Raynauds without a positive ANA? I do know someone who has had severe primary Raynauds for most of her life and now has PsA and other things and has always had a negative ANA. I have RA and with a low positive Rheumatoid Factor I was told it was still sero negative RA. Sorry this isn't very helpful. I have huge circulation issues going on but was also told that because my ANA is negative it is unlikely that I have secondary Raynauds. Very confusing.

  • yes it is I'm so confused with it all my doctor said she's going to refer me bk to the rheumatologist doctor cos I'm having new symptoms and so much pain in my legs

  • I woke up last night and realised that the thing that wakes me isn't pain in my joints just now - it's intense pain at the top of my calves which are also icy cold. I'd forgotten about this until I read your comment about pain in the legs. Do you exercise much I wonder? I try to do a work out every day - especially yoga and stretches and find that if I do this it really helps with my circulation and my joints re RA. It is all horribly confusing and every time I think I've got a clear cut diagnosis something else comes along to muddy the waters again!

  • doctors have called me bk with my results n say I av an under active thyroidso eexplains my new symptoms :-(

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