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Is anybody having a problem getting a pharmacy to give a seasonal flu vaccination ?

I tried to get one at Boots pharmacy and the person I spoke to said she was not happy to let me have one due to my having an autoimmune disease. I said I thought it more important to have the jab with an autoimmune problem. However, no such objection was put forward by Asda pharmacy.

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  • I would take their advice and not bother.

  • Why?

  • I am assuming you are asking why Boots pharmacy refused to agree to giving me a flu jab? The pharmacist said " It can cause swelling". She had me trying to explain the symptoms of s.sclerosis. She obviously didn't grasp it. Actually , It is not the first time Boots have challenged me. The last time was to say that both Cimetedine and Lansoprazole are not to be taken together. I replied that she should inform the Professor at The Royal Free about this, since he was the person to prescribe them to me. I have had my fill of Boots to be honest. Far too arrogant sometimes.

  • Thanks for the answer. She was wrong but now it's ok. I have had the flu jab for 27 years or so now. No problems.

  • My pharmacy offered me the flu jab whilst I was in there collecting medication. But I'm also a full-time carer for my disabled wife so entitled to the flu jab anyway.

  • My GP put me on the list to receive annual flu vaccinations BECAUSE I have an auto-immune disease, so I really don't understand what's going on here. Due to the way my doctors treated me, I presumed that If you have been diagnosed with an A-I condition, you would automatically get the vaccination ? Obviously, this is not the standard.

    I'm booked in for my 4th annual vaccination this week, for free, with my GP.

  • As the response above states, your GP should have you on the list for a flu jab if you have an autoimmune disease.


  • It's actually more important 2 get a flu vaccine because we are classed as a vulnerable group. It's obviously personal choice but I've got it done. You can approach your GP or local hospital. I was even more of a priority as I work for the NHS as a frontline nurse.

  • My GP also put me on the free flu jab due to the A-I disease. I've had them for about 4 years now with no side effects and no flu.

  • Thank you all for replying. I have thought it not right to have the flu jab offered by the surgery , and your responses have confirmed my thoughts on the subject. I will make a point of enquiring on the next visit. Thanks again to one and all.

  • Confused regarding why my Gp surgery has not included myself as being in a vulnerable group, I today rang the Scleroderma nurse at The Royal Free to ask whether she thinks I should be. She told me that unless one is taking Immuno-Suppressant drugs it is not considered imperative to have a seasonal Flu jab. Although still advisable it is down to the surgery's discretion. Oh well, I am having mine done at Asda on Friday. They asked no questions at all! I don't know if this is a good sign or a bad one. Lol .

  • Your GP should automatically have you listed as priority for a flu jab,taking into account your vulnerability regarding AI. If you talk to your doctor they may offer to give you the jab there and then. Don't think its a good idea to book in with pharmacies etc. If all your medical records are kept at the surgery and via the hospital, it will ensure you are taken care of and nothing is missed.

  • I too have been getting them free at my GPs for three years now with no ill effects

  • Snap! I went for a blood test and was told my GP had me down for a flu jab. Called automatically this year.

  • I have a flu jab from my GP surgery due to having Scleroderma (I'm taking Methotrexate so have to have one one done along with pneumonia jab) and Asthma. My specialist nurse did say it was because of taking MTX oherwise there is no real need for the flu jab. I had mine done last month and was unwell for a few weeks due to it.

  • Since being diagnosed with autoimmune disorder, my Doc encourages me to have a flu jab each winter which I've never accepted, so far I have not had any colds or flu. Ask your GP to prescribe the flu jab for you if you wish it. You are entitled to it unless there is any medication to interact negatively with the flu jab. Your GP will set you straight. Make an appointment and pay he/she a visit. Good luck! Gray1

  • Thank you for the advice. You are very fortunate to not suffer colds or Flu. Last year I paid for a jab but still caught Flu. I had the respiratory attack and was barely able to breathe. My family thought I wouldn't survive it. So many did not. So I feel the jab is important for me even tho' I caught a strain last year it did not save me from. Or did it? You are so lucky. And this is wonderful . hanks again, and will do.

  • had mine today for the first time ever , whilst working as a community nurse i never had it as i was fit healthy and rarely even got a cold. Now as i know i am vulnerable i intend to have them yearly

  • I wonder why you are not getting this from your GP's surgery. Make sure you receive this every year and keep as healthy as you can.

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