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Bendy elbows, knees and back? Really painful, please help?!

The (wrong) rheumatologist told me that my elbows, knees and back bend too far the wrong way, but since I saw her it has gotten far worse so that I am having to click my elbows and knees daily so it stops, my back however I can't do anything about. It's really quite painful, and I can't sit or stand in many positions due to rays so I don't know whAt to do?? I have an appointment on Wednesday with the rheumatologist, but I need to survive til then, I am just trying to get advice...thanks!!

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Look up ehlers danlos syndrome it causes loose joints the more you know before your appointment the better.

Good luck


Hi, went to rheumo and they basically think i have growing pains, have to go back in 8wks so yeah....


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