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Adalata LA

Hi all, is anyone else on this ?. My doctor put me on these along with Amitriptyline for my headaches. I have only just started to take these this week and they seem to be helping and I don't have cold hands as much. My doctor won't sent me to the hospital yet as I don't get the swelling in my hands but I have to go back in 3 weeks time for a check up and to see how they have worked.

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Adalat LA is the trade name for nifedipine. It is the drug for Raynaud's disease and improves the circulation of the blood. I have been on it for many, many years. You start slowly to get you used to it and then it may get increased.

Amitriptyne is given in a very small dose for pain that originates in the brain. In large doses it treats depression. I am on a small dose for pain. It diminishes it but does not get rid of it.

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HI there. I take both. Adalat for circulation and Amitriptyline for pain control. I find Adalat helps a lot. I do believe Amitriptyline helps with the pain along with other pain relieving drugs. My pains are 24/7 and all the meds only take the edge off and better than nothing.

Keep taking the meds as long as they are beneficial to yourself. Good luck!

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Hi, I hv been taking 30mg of Adalat LA (slow release tabs ) per day for 11 yrs now for secondary raynauds/ limited sclerederma and find this meds ok. At 1st i got dizzy spells when standing , but passed after about 4 months .


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