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I've been a member of the RSA for a number of years and when the opportunity to join an online members area came along I jumped at the chance.

Now I'm sitting here with a big (blank) white box in front of me attempting to write my first blog post... Will people be interested in what I have to say? Is there anything I'm not meant to say? What if I sound like a complete idiot? All questions running through my head at the moment. Well I guess the answer is I'll never know unless I try...

So as I don't think I could really say anything of interest about my Raynuad's as it is a fairly usual case I thought I'd write about something I have been thinking about for a while, an RSA song.

I currently write songs for the children at work (I'm a primary school teacher) and we sing a lot of charity songs (i.e. Red Nose Day) and it got me thinking about writing an RSA song. I've made a start on the lyrics and I've got a melody and chord structure for the chorus. I thought it would be a good idea to ask what other people thought...

So if you have any thoughts or any suggestions as to what could be included in an RSA song, a particular style of music you like (or don't like) or even things you definitely wouldn't like to see in a song please leave a comment below...

Bye for now...

(phew... that wasn't so painful!)

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I think some funny lyrics would be good - you really need to have a sense of humour with this condition sometimes!! Good luck!


There once was a woman with Raynaud's

who had an incredible passion for clothes...

on her holidays she packed all her scarves and wooly hats

and headed for sunnier skies!


A song sounds like a wonderful idea! Maybe we should run a national competition??!


Great idea! Here's an idea for how, once you have the what. I have just downloaded a wonderful app called GarageBand which enables you to make your own multi-track piece of music (a variety of instruments and percussion, plus you can sing into it,) and then email it out to the world! This sounds very complicated but if you have even just the slightest idea about music (which you clearly do) then its easy and fun to use.

Hmm ...., codes, goads, loads, nodes, modes, odes, rogues, toads all rhyme but scleroderma is a bit trickier!! .. Burma, therma, perma ?


The RSA had a song written in the 1980s so a new song would be timely and great, especially if it could make money towards the RSA Cool Million Appeal (see RSA website). Humour yes - reality yes - and as the RSA celebrates 30 years next year maybe an anniversary song would be good.

Good luck!


Thanks for all of your comments folks! I've now broken up for the summer holidays (one of the perks of being a teacher!) and I finally have the time to sit down a write a song (hopefully...). I will try my best to create a song good enough to raise funds... the 30th anniversary sounds pretty good.

bye for now...


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