Sore and itchy eyes

I've had sore and itchy eyes for 3 days now I'm not sure what it is I've never had anything like this before it's really hard not to rub them I've never had hay fever before so I'm not sure if it could be that I've been told by my mom that it could be hay fever or an eye infection going to make a doctors appointment Monday do you have any suggestions on what I can do till then? Thanks

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  • One thing to consider is an associated disorder called Sjrogens syndrome. This is an autoimmune disease which limits body's production of moisture including tears resulting in dry eyes. You can get eye drops to help from your gp

  • If it gets worse and there's one near you - go to an Eye A&E. that's the quickest way to get it sorted.

  • Go today to your chemist. He/ she may be able to help you.

  • Hello if it gets unbearable I would suggest you go to an NHS Walk in Center as you will see a Doctor and they can prescribe for you. You could bath your eyes with saline solution it might soothe the irritation until you see your Doctor.

    Saline solution is one tespoon of salt to a pint of water that his been previously boiled. It would certainly do no harm. You might have Hay Fever as pollen can irritate your eyes. There a number of things that can cause sore eyes most of them easily cured. Some people like myself have dry eyes and have to use Artificial tears. They are easily diagnosed with a simple test.

    Good Luck


  • i have seconary Sjogrens and get very dry eyes. i use gel tears at night and artificial tears throughout the day.without them i would get eye infections and be in alot of discomfort.think it would be good for you to see your gp about your eyes asap but in the mean time artificial tears will make your eyes more comfy. Dry eyes was my first symptom of Sjogrens

  • It does sound like sjogrens, I too have this. I use a spray on the outside of my eyes from the optitions. It is worth seeing your gp and the Dr that looks after you for scleroderma, mine gave me a litmus test, where they put litmus in your eye socket, mine came out dry, when normally an eye would be streaming. I know dry eyes are painful, Good luck

  • Thanks for all the answers there all very helpful i phoned the doctors today, but i can't get no appointments for this week so I'm going to ring my opticians and see if they can do anything if not then i'll have to try something else already been the chemist they can't give me anything proper until they know what is causing it.

  • Hi there,

    At the moment it really sounds like 'hay fever' has jumped upon you but a trip to the doctors will certainly confirm that or not. I wouldn't worry to much at the moment as lots of people are coming up with strange sore throats, eyes etc etc it's because the pollen count is rather high and the warm weather along with the rain is making life a little rougher on a lot of us. Good luck and I hope you get this sorted with ease. :)


  • Lisa, the exact, EXACT same thing has happened to me. I think it's hay fever, not Sjoren's, as my eyes aren't really dry, just itchy and sore. I am 54 and have never had hay fever before either, but with my bizarre immune system (I have diffuse systemic sclerosis) and propensity to inflammation, nothing is impossible. I've taken some over-the-counter hay fever tablets (anithistamines) and am hoping that the incessant rain will dampen down the pollen. I hope it goes soon for both of us.

  • Thank you for your replys I think it could be hay fever because I have really sore and itchy eyes along with abit of a blocked and sometimes runny nose and now and again I get an itchy nose I have some hay fever tablets so hoping they work if not I'll have to go the doctors I can only take one tablet a day tho.

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