Dead Sea soap

Would just like to share this, my friend has just come back from I iseral, and brought me some products containing Dead Sea salts, after using a few times now I'm feeling a bit of a difference the face mask helps with the tighning of the skin, and the soap is helping too, not saying its gonna be good for every one but I though I'd share as u can buy products on eBay, keep well and warm :-) xxxxx

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  • Thanks for that.

  • ooo thats interesting and encouraging ! thanks for sharing ! :) x

  • I have been in the Red sea, which is very saline and I felt that that had a positive impact on my health. Maybe there is something in it or maybe I just had a good holiday !!

  • Hi Kentish man , well I must admit is thinking about a holiday purely for the res sea soak :-) xxx

  • Thanks for the tip. I have lots of skin problems but thankfully not on my face. Can't wait to try this though. All the best.

  • Hi gray girl just hope it works for u too :-) keep well and warm xxxx

  • I have to agree, I had some Dead Sea Salt products bought as a gift & wow they feel amazing. I have a scrubwash which includes some salt for exfoliating but it feels warming on the skin whilst washing & the feeling after is incredible. I also have some hand/feet treatments which include a pummace block for nails (you use each side in turn to remove roughness & buff to shine) & creams specific for hands/feet, just a small amount leaves the skin feeling moisturised for hours.

  • Hi springsong p, I also have gift bag of salts and creams which not used yet just in case of reaction but will start to now I'm finding this to be good, great range on eBay too not very expensive xxxxxx

  • Kentish Man - the Dead Sea is lower and much more salty than the Red Sea. I also like Dead Sea products.

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