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Small quantities of Alcohol and Caffeine effect my raynauds. Anyone else?

Ive had raynauds for 16 years now and its only been the past year that I cant even have a pint of beer or a can of diet coke at night as my fingers just swell up and I feel like ive been on the raz the next morning.

Does this happen to anyone else?? is this normal?

Im ok with caffeine free coke but I really like a drink but I feel like a party pooper when I go out and I feel I cant even have one with out suffering the next day :-(

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You can have small amount of alcohol to warm you up but not as a social thing.

Have everything caffein free. When you drink large amounts like pints of beer, it cools you down and therefore makes your Raynaud's worse.


Thank you for your reply. I did not know it cooled you down. Think im just going to have to go Ttoal. We brew our own wine and that's what im missing having. I also usually by decaf tea and coffee. My husband drinks alot of tea and is always making me one and I found that this affected it to. Maybe im more sensitive now cos im older.


I am surprised that tea affects your Raynaud's because it is hot and should warm you up a little. Yes, getting older is a feactor.

Best wishes.


HI hall1982 - I have had secondary raynauds for 9 years now & I am personally not aware of an increase in attack from beer or caffeine? I can 't say I have noticed that has had an impact on me - caffeine is a vasodilator and alcohol does that the warming feeling also - maybe just try without either & see if these experiences ceases - if not then maybe look at other factors how warm is your bedroom etc / duvet too warm -if I get too hot during the night I will wake with stiff red itchy fingers - as yourself had you had enough pure fluids the previous day etc? lots of other reasons can give you a fuzzy head - I think as well everyone finds their own triggers - external & internal factors then manage the condition from there. Horrid though isnt it when all we want is to be able to have a body that cans regulate temperature ! You take care - Best Wishes AliW


Thank you for your advice. I might try the fluids and see if I can drink more water. I have found I wrap up for bed because im cold then wake up in the middle of the night red hot. Yes a normal body maybe for christmas would be nice. lol


hi I too have had raynaulds secondary and erythromelgia mild but it was bearable until I had a hyserectomy op last July now it is a nightmare as not only do I get raynaulds attacks hot and cold but also the menopause and this is hell as my whole body is on fire and the erythromelgia is much more severe and painful the attacks are so bad that i can collapse from them is there any one else has this?. Yes tea affects I try to drink decaff the only relief i get is by going to the gym as exercise helps otherwise my bones are stiff and am so lethagic . My coping stategies are using a fan chewing gum and having a window open for air when am hot would love to have normal body temp trying to cope but not easy only when your in this position yourself does anyone understand and it is good to realise that I am not alone with this .


Thank you for your reply.

I think the menopause is bad enough on its own. I know what my mum went through with the hot flushes and I never actually thought what it would be like with raynauds to. Especially when your body is changing temperature like that it sounds like a nightmare. well that's something for me to look forward to in the next 20 year. Just wondering are you on HRT?

I have found that my hormones did cause attacks to, and the last 2 weeks before my period used to be a nightmare and I was all over the place. Ive been taking evening primrose oil capsules for the past 6 moths and I have to say in that sense everything is great now and im like clockwork which for me is so not normal, and the cold spells have vastly improved.

Rasberry leaf tea is supposed to be good for the menopause. I tried it when I was pregnant as its supposed to bring on labour and It made me have attacks so if you try it just have one cup and see how you feel as everyone is different plus it might have been because I was pregnant I had that reaction.

I have found exercise helps to :-)

Hope your body settles down soon.


I find the odd glass of wine makes me warmer as my blood vessels dilate. Tea and coffee don't have an adverse effect I don't think, but I shall take note of it in future.


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