Prayer and blessings have been quite helpful for my Raynauds

I do not wish to insult anyone and hope those who truly believe and understand will read.

I went to my priest and explained about the Raynaud's I was suffering since March of this year. I am a devout Catholic and truly believe in the power of prayer and the Lord Jesus Christ. After the explanation, I asked the Monsignor for a blessing. This was Saturday. I have not had an outbreak since and the temperature has been dropping. My wife and I like to walk for exercise. Usually I wear glove. Did not need them.

Again, do not wish to insult, but I believe prayer and belief in the Lord will always help.

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  • Dear Richmi I am so pleased that the prayers have helped you - God works in wonderful ways. Keep well x

  • Could you pray for my wee cocker spaniel-Barney- please...he has diabetes and has gone blind....if you can cure him then I will truly believe. Thank you. And, so happy for you!

  • Hello Richmi.

    I reckon anything that destresses the mind and body will be good for Scleroderma. After all, it is an auto-immune disease, and the idea that the human soul is a battleground between divine and sinful impulses could be played out in the guise of an auto-immune drama. We may harden our hearts against ourselves.

    Hoping your respite is permanent.

    Best wishes.


  • Thank you so much for your response. I will pray for all of us. So far so good.

  • I asked a healing group to pray for my sisters when they had incapacitating attacks of back pain, and both were up and restored within two days. It may have been co-incidence, but maybe not....


  • Tall-Tim, I will always believe in the power of prayer. My Raynaud's has not returned in full force, but I do feel some of it. However, I will continue to pray for all of us as well as ask for prayers. No one should ever not believe in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are only human. Jesus Christ and prayer are eternal.


  • I'm glad you've found something that helps you. I, however, am an atheist and the thought of prayer making any kind of real-world difference to a physical illness is, well, alien to me to say the least.

    But, whatever gets you through the day is also my motto.

    Sending you positive thoughts!

  • Dear Gindy,

    Thank you for your thoughts. Have learned over my 64 years that prayer and belief in a higher power brings great relief of stress of everyday life. I truly believe in the afterlife. Jesus Christ has brought such love to me and my family whether in times of stress, trouble, or even love. Love is the key for me.

    I hope you are well and get better. Who knows? It could also help you get through the day as your motto has been expressed.

    Bless you

  • Really! Could we keep one's religion/ Christianity to ourselves. The whole world isn't Christian either nor increasingly do many people believe in any God or indeed have any faith in the Catholic Church now that certain unsavoury activities have been exposed. If praying to any God makes you feel good then so be it but it's presumptive to think that people need anyone to pray for them.

  • bluesgirl, you really should keep your thoughts to yourself. How rotten of a human are you? This has helped me and I was relaying this to others. I have received wonderful comments except from someone like you who obviously has no belief. Sometimes, for many, prayers do help. So I would appreciate your thoughts kept to yourself and allow those who do believe continue. Regarding the past, everyone and every religion has one. Am sure you also do. Forgiveness is a blessing! Please learn it.

  • I am not a rotten human being as you call me thank you! It is again presumptuous of you again to say l have no belief! I have no idea what you are on about when you say 'forgiveness is a blessing' either as clearly you are not very forgiving! This is not a religious/Christian forum. If you read my post l advise you are welcome to prayer if it helps. Calling people a rotten human being is not very Christian and one wonders what your Monsignor/priest would think of that. You ought to be ashamed of such venomous remarks but hey ho l forgive you and l don't need a blessing to back me up!

  • I will not get in an argument with you. Hope you are able to feel well and take any advice with an open heart. Blessings,

  • I agree with you. If it wasn't for my Catholic faith and my belief that all prayers are heard, I don't know where I would be. We don't always get what we want and we must accept those crosses that we are given. Merry Christmas to you and a happy, healthy New Year.

  • Robin 64, Thank you and blessings to you for a very Merry Christmas and holiday season.

  • - I really prayed to my GOD to stop this so-called Raynaudin my finger, well guess what (?) I had Osteomyelitis, now amputated. I was diagnosed with CREST, do not know about that, Bergers, not that, wounded finger infection, yes, gangrene, no and know due to Fiolan, not used often if spelled right, have thinning of my bones, with new issues. that could really affect the rest of my life. I had been diagnosed with Nephritis in 1982 and promised myself no dialysis. Well I am sure there are problems with kidneys now, but I do not want to know, and its from do many medicines to heal the finger. Wrong diagnosis for 1 year of pure agony. I still pray for a healing. Does prayer work?

  • Whether I become healed or not, prayer always works for me. My Raynaud's is not healed. The everyday pain is still there. Even if it gets worse, there is always prayer. Prayer helps because without it, there is no hope. And I believe in it all. I will be 64 in March. I will continue to pray as I see more doctors and ask for more understanding of what is the cause and why no cure? How about we all pray for a cure?

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