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Feeling sick

Hi- can anyone help please? I have Raynaud's; have just been put on Omeprazole capsules for the burning sensation that I get in my upper abdomen/under my bust line. (Mentioned previously on this site) Have had the endoscopy which showed no acid reflux. Am waiting for an "Oesophagal Manometry" to test the pressure. (Tube up nose & down throat) For about a week now, I have had a feeling that I am going to be sick; it just comes, then goes again as quickly as it came. It's not related to the Omeprazole as I have only just started them in the last couple of days. Any advise would be helpful.

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Sorry. I don't know.


Hi Carol-C.......I have gastro involvement due to my scleroderma and know the symptoms you may need medication to help speed up your gut motility....I take domperidone.......although my guess is that your consultant may wait for the results of your manometry before prescribing you anything else.......however,....whilst you are waiting for your test to be performed you could ask your GP to prescribe you some Gaviscon and an anti sickness medication such as metroclopamide........these medications have helped me with my symptoms in the of luck xx



I am on 80mgs of esomeprazole plus additional ranitidine. 3 times in the last week when i,ve laid down i,ve been sick into my mouth (gross, sorry). Just seems to go with the territory. Endoscopies have shown damage to my oesophagus. Fizzy drinks are the worst culprits, so you may have to think about what you are consuming and what s causing the problems.



I also take omeprazole 80 mg a day, the Dr I saw yrs ago just poo pood my pain and now that I'm with the best doc at Hopkins he found I have Barrett's, I also get very painful spasms among other things that I probably shouldn't have, my point being make sure that you are seeing the right Dr. Mine moved very fast when he heard my symptoms and put me on meds fast.

Hope you get all the help you need quickly and are feeling better quickly! Also you really do need to watch what you eat! Good luck.


I take anti sickness tablets now due to feeling nausious, but never actually sick, I get acid reflux and heartburn and take omerpazole too for that, good look with your tests, I have both Rays & Sclero


Hi, I have the same problem and it's no joke. At first I was sick for 4 days continually and lost weight. Still have this feeling all the time, but not being sick which I wonder which is worst. I have been taking Cyclizine which has helped, but I have other problems as well so hey ho lets hope that things get better.



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