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Paw paw cream - does it work?

Have seen various comments re paw paw cream and its miracle properties. I am looking for something to help with clearing up finger ulcers and also, if there is such a miracle cream, to help with minimising deep lines around my mouth (looks as though I have been a smoker but I haven't). Has anyone had any success with using paw paw cream (or any other cream for that matter) for either of these problems

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hello nanny sue. I bought some paw-paw on recommendation for my badly ulcerated leg,it seemed to be doing something, then i was told that bandages, was the only thing to get it better, I've had this since July, but i have a little one on my finger, which seems to responding to paw-paw. I got mine on E-bay. Good luck and i hope you have success.


Hiya I got introduced to Paw Paw cream a few months ago after having spent the best part of 14 years trying different creams etc.

I put the cream on an ulcer which had been on my knee for over a year, as well as my hands, face and feet. I took photos before and after. Well, I could not believe the visible difference to the ulcer on my knee within a few hours and after daily application for a few weeks it was almost healed!!

When I went to see one of my Conusltants in December- she commented before I did, that the lines on my face and the tightness of my face was not as bad ! I was over the moon !

I still have a few ulcers on my fingers which are not as bad from having used the cream daily - Ive just been started on a new course of Bosentan so Happy Days ! I only have a little ulcer on one of my toes, which for me at this time of year is really good ! I think that by putting the cream on my feet - it has helped my circulation as well as I have fewer muscular cramp like pains in my feet.

Patsyb - Im really pleased that you tried the pawpaw and that it is working for you ! Nanny Sue give it a go !

It is only available to buy in Australia, however, I ordered mine from this website : and then click on the photo of McArthurNaturalProducts Paw Paw cream !

There is also a facebook page - McarthurNatural Products where I find some of the testimonies really encouraging !

I hope it works for you also ! Michaelangelo called the pawpaw the fruit of the angels ! :)


hi nanny sue, i have just recieved my first try with this cream,, a nice gift of my sis who lives is oz,, i have 2 real bad ulcers 1 on my finger been there about 10 month+ and another on my knuckle been there about 8 month, my nail is ready to come off, so i apply the cream round it, ive already lost 1 finger, 3 year ago, so i needed to try this,lol lets just say the ulers seem to b getting better :) i say giv it a go,, xx


I had never heard of paw paw cream before your question. I have now ordered some as well. I will try it on my face and hands to see if it helps. Good luck to you with it also


Hi. I also have CREST which includes Raynaud's as well as lots of calcium deposits in my fingers which come to a head and form ulcers. When you refer to ulcers on your fingers, do you mean calcified ulcers or is it something else? I am curious if the paw paw cream would work for me?


Hi everyone !

Ah Im so pleased that the paw paw creme is working for you also ! mrsebenezer - I applied the paw paw lotion to a calcium ulcer on my knee - and after a few weeks it was the size of a pin head ! and without me having the painful pleasure of picking out a huge lump of calcium !

I have stopped using the soap and creme on my face for the moment - as the skin of my chin has become quite dry so when it calms I will start again with the lotion as the lotion has given me the best results !

Post your photos of before and after application on McArthurNaturalProducts web page - I won a free pack by doing this ! even though I was ashamed of my halloween before application photos ! :)


There are 2 products with pawpaw cream .The one they recomended for diapper rash if I understand well and another product says just ointment. I should purchase the ointment ?


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