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Raynauds symptoms worsening and now affect during the Summer.

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For the first time last year my Raynauds symptoms were just as bad in the summer as they have been in the winter, has this happened for anyone else? All of the symptoms are worsening and are now unbearable. My medication is at the limit my GP can deal with..

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I have always had my symptoms all year round, although they are not bad enough for medication - just really uncomfortable and inconvenient. Are you under a rheumatologist? If not, is it time to request a referral?

Unfortunately Raynauds doesn't seem to restrict itself to Winter, it 's really rapid temperature changes. I've always been reluctant to pump myself full of medication that doctors kept offering me, mainly because I have had Asthma all my life, so have to have daily drugs for that, and didn't want even more chemicals in my body. This led me try alternative treatments, and a very good herbalist recommended Meadowsweet for circulatory problems; this can be in either tea form or a tincture (few drops a day), also gotu kola tea, and most marvellous of all Ribwort leaves (that grow everywhere) which also have antibiotic properties, so can also hold the infection of cracked and ulcerated fingers at bay. There are lots of other things available, and if you make an appointment your herbalist will assess your individual needs and possibly form a mixture special to your requirements. If you also have Scleroderma there are remedies for this as well.It has been an absolute Godsend to me. Best of Luck!

I'm the same. I had to wear ski socks and ugg boots the whole way through summer. I just could not cope with the cold last winter. I really think we should get DLA and cold weather payments for heating and clothing to help. It's a curse! I just can't do the things I used to any more

I am the same also. Especially in freezer sections in supermarkets. My feet also go as well. I might try the herbs that sandra mentioned. I also take green tea with some fresh ginger in it. I rub in the hand cream at every opportunity as well. best wishes, nuala

I have Raynaud's throughout the year and always make sure that I wear lots of thin layers along with good quality down jackets, sheepskin mittens with silk liners, scarves hats etc & certainly never get anything out of a freezer without wearing gloves. The handwarmers are useful to keep in your pockets when its extremely cold and long johns under my trousers.

It affects my feet, hands & even my ears & nose! I do also have Systemic Sclerosis so see a Rhematologist & he prescribed Liquid prozac which in small doses does seem to help open the blood vessels a little for me & I have recently had to start taking Methotrexate which seems to have made my body feel warmer. I did try Iloprost infusion but it did not work for me & the nurse said to have just 1 glass of red wine each day & that also helps to open the blood vessels, well thats my excuse for having a glass of red wine each day!

I too have problems year round.I take Nifedipine year round for it.I tried to take it everyother day and had a severe attack right away.I also drink 1 glass of red wine a day.But now have EM and it doesn't agree with it!! It makes it flare more!! So much for heart health(LOL)my hubbys Cardiologist recomended the red wine but it opened my bloodvessles too much!!

I too have this all year round and have ulcers in the summer as well. I always wear warm socks and gloves even in the summer .. get some funnly looks but used to it .

Have you seen a Rheumatologist yet? If not, that might be yr next step..

I too have lots of problems not just in winter but in summer too mine is actually all year round. I take 2 blood pressure medicines and hydromorphone fpr pain.

Plavix and b-12 daily 5000 Mg and i also am on Cialis which cause horrible headaches at first and once you get past the first week or so its okay all I took it at night towards the end . Thou I dont see a huge difference i know its working due to the fact that my feet are red and the veins stick out more. I also have a good pair of gloves, called hot fingers that worked really well. when I take a shower under my knees are all black and blue when i get out but diminish after 10 mins or so from being out of the shower.

Yes last year was the first year in the summer that my symptoms were as bad as in the winter, I wear gloves jackets all year round. Used to the strange looks.

Thank you so much everybody. You have helped a lot and confirmed my own symptoms. Iv put of going to see a rhumatologisist for now going to try biggest dose of Nifedipine for the summer then see how this winter is. Fingers crossed it works. Hope your all well and coping. Oh and will look out the herbs and hot fingers xoxoxo

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Betsie in reply to alba01

Hi Albao1, it's August and I'm wearing gloves today - I felt a bit conspicuous going round the supermarket in them especially when most people are in sleeveless things - today I'm wearing a jumper with a tunic over the top. Indoors and typing this I have a heater right next to me and still feel rather cool. I'm NOT looking forward to winter.

Keep warm everyone - we'll worry about winter when it gets here.

I am wearing gloves as I type this response, sitting in the office with the heater on. I hate it!

Do you have the cold cycle before? I'm trying to find out about my daughter who has a normal temperature for her, but reacts in the opposite way and overheats with no temperature drop first.

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