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I am having big issue for sleeping last 3/4 years been terrible, mostly I think is stress from work anxiety andare depression

Tryed to get doctor but these days is virtually impossible

Does anyone else have this condition and come out of it

I would love to know how you did

Please help

Thank you

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I have it as well, I rarely sleep. I find it helpful when I have my cats near me, perhaps snuggle a pet at night if you have one, if not and you can afford it, get one.

I have But not helping

I wanted some melatonin but doctor says only fir over 55

I am 43 what do I suppose to do not too sure


You can buy melatonin on ebay I prefer GABA as a sleeping aid you don't need much also fir sale on eBay uk

Ok Is it safe enough?


Is GABA Gabapentin? Do you need a prescription?

No GABA it isn't Gabpentine

It can be bought online in UK you cant buy it in shops in UK not sure about in US , it's great for sleep I didn't even need a whole capsule I would just open a capsule and sprinkle a pinch on the back of my hand, it is safe, buy a good brand do some research read some reviews


Yes i am suffering from lack of sleep since my HA in April, i an have a few reasonable nights but these are very rare, i wake about 3 times during the night then i am unable to get back to sleep.

I recently had an appointment with a Consultant to see if i was suffering from Sleep Aponia but it appears that i am not, before the HA i would sleep for about 6 hours without interuption.

Gigrobot1 in reply to Andy_c

What an HA?

Andy_c in reply to Gigrobot1

Heart attack

Battleground in reply to Andy_c

6 hours of uninterrupted sleep is plenty, be grateful.

Andy_c in reply to Battleground

I used to sleep for 6 hours before my heart attack, now i am lucky to get two hours sleep.

Following watching a programme on depression, anxiety and insomnia treatments, a new approach to the latter was impressive, and demonstrated. It increases the alpha waves you need to sleep, which is done by attaching two small earclips for 20 minutes before bed. The device is a cranial electric stimulation instrument. I have bought one by Hippee, although the one demonstrated on TV was much more expensive. Pricey, but if it works, a miracle. If we are allowed to mention makes I would do that but you can look online anyway. I have had insomnia very regularly for 40 years.

Gigrobot1 in reply to Trill

Waw Thank you

I ll buy it

I have seen that program, I just couldn’t believe that can be bought

Please tell me the brand and where you bought. It

Hopefully this machine can save my. Life

Thanks so much

Trill in reply to Gigrobot1

Hi. That one was AlphaStim but my husband is buying me for my birthday a far cheaper one but I won't know what effect it will have until next month.

Gigrobot1 in reply to Trill

Ok thank you

I've been suffering from it for years and have lost several jobs because of it. I have tried every over the counter medication and nothing works. The doctor wont even give me Zopiclone anymore. I managed to get Melatonin from America a while ago and not even that helps. I've also been taking CBD tablets to try and relax but still no success. About once a month I end up housebound for a week and despite being so exhausted and literally crawling around the house, I still cant sleep. It is a living hell.

Gigrobot1 in reply to Saphire87

I know that feeling It’s a nightmare

I think my situation is mostly due by the job I do

And also being away from family

Not too sure but last 3/4 years I’m suffering in the dark by myself

I found this site really

I had insomnia for over a decade. I believe due to low cortisol, meaning my body released adrenaline around 2am and I’m wired but tired for 3hours plus.

I found my miracle cure. It is a first generation antihistamine which knocks me out. I’m not drowsy in the morning and can get up in the night to the children if need be.

It’s called Kirkman sleep aid, fairly inexpensive. Google the active ingredient if you live in eg Spain you can buy it as Dormadina, although it is much more expensive. I’m in the uk. I ran it past my gp, he said it’s an antihistamine and is safe to take for life. It has turned my life around.

Hope it can help someone else here.

Oh Waw I definitely going to give it a try

Do you buy it online or just at the chemist counter

Thank you for your help

No worries. I know how horrendous it is. I buy mine

Might be worth just ordering a small amount first if you’re prone to reactions. I am usually fine so now order in bulk.

Hope they work. They’ve probably saved my life.

Hi Do I need to open an account because the web says there is some issue with the payment

But there is no space where to put the card details


I think you just enter your details at the checkout.

Hi I did try I send them email no answers

There is any other web side I could find this product


Sorry I’m not sure. If you put the product into google, it should bring up alternative suppliers. I’ve never bought it elsewhere. Good luck n

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