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Suggest any right method to avoid sleep apnea

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"Hey all

Can anyone help me out of this

I have been facing certain issues in the past two weeks. I'm not able to sleep well at night. My friend argued that it is because of sleep apnea. Due to lack of sleep, I feel tired during my working hours and dozing off while doing my works. Since I worked in a corporate environment, and the boss was strict within the working hours, I would avoid this; otherwise, I will get fired. My friend suggested using a CPAP mask( to eliminate sleep apnea. What do you guys think is this the right method to avoid sleep apnea. Please share your thoughts regarding this.


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Why don't you go to a sleep specialist and find out what is comprising your sleep ?It takes one night and then you'll know instead of wasting time guessing . Why not tell your Boss what is going on then if you do nod off at work he'll likely be more understanding and you won't get tired . It's nice to have friends , but doctors are good too . Sweet dreams .

I had my original sleep apnea test at home, I was wired up in hospital and then went home as I am a carer for my wife and didn't want to be away. Like you I would often fall asleep during the day. I went to my doctors to push for the night study and was so pleased I did as I was experiencing 68 episodes an hour , should be below 5 and was put on CPap immediately and it changed and probably saved my life.

I would definitely do a sleep study and they will tell you if you need a cpap machine. The machines are pretty expensive so I wouldn't want to buy all the equipment and then have it not be the issue causing your sleep problems.

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Oh plus the study will tell you what type of cpap is good for you, as I believe there are a couple of ways to have it set up that gives you air in different types. One is set up to give you a constant amount of air. Another is set up so that if you stop breathing it forces more air to bring you back up. Sorry not the greatest description but what I'm trying to say is better to get the study done.

Hi Christina!I sympathize with you fully. It can be very hard to figure out whats happening with you especially in matters of sleep. I have had issues with sleeping myself in the last few months (which is what brings me to this forum) and I have tried quite a few things to remedy my own sleep issues. One of the things that have worked for me is using sleeping pills or melatonin. If you haven't yet tried this then I suggest that you try and see if you can get a physician to recommend melatonin and figure out a dosage for your requirement. I take melatonin an hour before bed and it has improved my sleep quality a lot. The brand I get mine from is

After taking my pill I don't wake up feeling unrested or sleepy and my days are much more energetic. A downside I have experienced is night terrors. Some nights are okay but some are very bad and it makes me feel weird in the day.

I hope you can find something that works for you :)

Thanks Everyone

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