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Staying asleep. Waking up startled and in a panic.

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I fall asleep okay. It's the staying asleep that has vanished from my life for decades. Sleep testS, dozens of meds that made me sick and talk therapy have been my path.

Have not been able to find group support from others who have the same problem. So far haven't found anyone who has found help to stay asleep.

It usually ramps up the anxiety. When I wake up for the 2-3 times during the night I eventually fall asleep again then wake up around 6:00 am startled and in a panic.

It's exhausting!

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I wake up in a fright the early part of sleep mostly every night, I have never found a reason for this. The rest of the night is a nightmare and awake at 5.30 doesn,t matter what time I go to sleep.

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There has to be a better way so we can get enough sleep.

My "sleep tool box" of experiences includes 3 clinic sleep studies, using the CPAP machine for 3 years, dozen of meds that all made me sick, meditation and more. If you haven't run thru the list for your experiences, ask for medical and talk therapy help.

Something has to be out there to help us. I'm grateful for this website. It helps to calm me down and know I'm not alone. Do you find that to be true for yourself?

The last offer I had was from a Dr. who suggested I think about shock treatments.

OMG. One Flew Over The Cooko Nest

Hello I'm new to the site and I'm pleased to know i am not alone!

I was recently diagnosed with Anxiety/Panic attacks/Depression from a burnout!!

It's months of restlessness/Insomnia and being awoken by bolting up in bed light headed, Heart racing a hundred miles an hour and the feeling of death.

I am now due for a sleep study for investigation..

So I sympathise with you.


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Oh my! Your symptoms sound just like mine.

Keep me posted on your progress. I wish you the best of success, as soon as possible.

P.S. Sure do like your sign in as Happysoul. We use the positive whenever we can and hopefully at least one expression of gratitude daily.

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Thank you for your support.

I am blessed to have found this site..

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