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I had a sleep problem for years then I found a solution


I had tried a bunch of drugs, supplements, drinks. audio sleep CD's.Nothing. A friend of mine suggested I read up on CBD oil every day for a few weeks. Now I do not take anything but 1/2 dropper under my toung and sleep all night, every night, and not any side effects. Check it out and see. I buy it off the Internet. Read up or watch some You Tubes to get informed.

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Do you suffer from insomnia or just trouble sleeping. I developed insomnia from anxiety due to an underactive thyroid and d vitamin deficiency. I am hoping that once both these are optimized, that this will disappear. I have trouble falling asleep. Do you think this will help me?

I'm fed up with feeling tired and tossing and turning (almost certainly unconscious stress) so I've got some CBD to try (they sell it in some shops here in Spain). How long did you take it before success?

hi magman1938 I have just read your post about C B D OIL I live in England &by the sound of it you live in the states,can I buy this in England I suffer really bad from insomnia, would this help? would love an answer XXXXXXCONNIE50

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