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Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea 😬


Hi Guys,

Just got told yesterday that I have Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea and that I will need to be fitted with a CPAP machine. This on top of COPD (12mnths).

I’m feeling a little anxious to say the least. I’m feeling really tired but scared to sleep 😬😱💤

I’m looking for some direction or suggestions if anyone has any.

Best wishes


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Hi Simon,

Welcome to my world! COPD diagnosed in 2011 and OSA in 2016. If you are in the UK you are supposed to tell DVLA (and they will suspend your licence!!!!), delay telling them until it's controlled by CPAP and they will give you a letter confirming that you are okay to continue driving. Not trying to scare you, this is fact - DON'T tell them until you have had a CPAP machine for a month and been back to the hospital.

CPAP machines - normally NHS supply an automatic machine for around a week then, using the data collected, set a manual machine for you to start using. Masks vary massively and ALL are hard to get on with to start but, persevere and it really does get better. Nasal pillows (no good for mouth breathers) full face masks etc are all there with the NHS - try them out and if you can't get on with one ask to try another one!

I'm on a weight reduction program and, after losing 10% of body weight I can notice the difference in both breathing (COPD) and sleeping (OSA). I go to slimming World every week, oh and yes, I'm a bloke (one of about 6 in a group of 30) so don't think you'll be the only one.

Good luck and, if I can help, message me.

Hi y-not

Thank you for the info, nice one about dvla I'll keep a check on that.

I must admit I'm concerned about the cpap machine, mind you I'm more concerned about 'severe' OSA, I'll figure it out.

Its good to hear that it gets better, still hard to believe I wake u so many times an hour.

I go to bed and 'sleep' for a good 8 - 10 hours but it's only occasionally that I know I've been awake or remember.

I've been referred for a weight loss/gym program (I just want to be monitored for a few sessions to make sure I'm not doing more harm than good, breathing and heart rate wise).

I'm gearing up for, a low carb high protein/fat diet (used to be a fan of Atkins) and I do a about 20-30 miles a week walking so feel that this may be the way for me to try first. Slimming World may appear a more attractive opportunity when the cold weather starts set in.

Thanks again


Hi Simon, I’ve been following your post with interest. I really feel for you, but haven’t said anything as yet because you have had a couple of great replies. But I did see you saying in a different message that your “afraid” to sleep. I just wanted to reassure you, as I’m also a fellow obstructive sleep apnea sufferer, that until you start using your cpap or bipap machine, you will always wake up. You won’t die during sleep. Your body will instinctively wake you up, so please don’t be afraid to sleep. But I know that’s easy to say, because it is a scary condition. I stop breathing over 80 times per hour. At first I had a bipap machine, but just could not persevere with it. I don’t want to put you off because they do a brilliant job, and I wish I had the willpower to keep doing it, because it might make such a difference to the quality of my life. At the same time all this came to light , due to having cancer on my heart, my oxygen levels in my blood plummeted and I am now on oxygen 24/7 , so at night I have it on very low and my sleep apnea has improved. I’m sleeping so much better, but still getting daytime sleepiness.

Anyway, I just wanted to reassure you that when you stop breathing, you will automatically wake up. I’m surprised they haven’t given you a machine yet ? They shouldn’t really leave you too long with such a severe case. I hope you get sorted soon.

Take care 😁

I have it! What about it is making you anxious ?

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