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Treatment for and coping with flares

I have had a flare from early December 2018. Exhausted, no energy, muscle weakness, shakes, sudden temperature increases. I have some good days, but not many. Other than a rheumatologist, what kind of doctor could treat this kind of flare? Thank you

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Hi Banshee,

I feel for you as I have been feeling like a tsunami has hit me. I discovered that my Liver Function Tests are off the radar and now investigation begins why!The wait list here for Rheumatogy Specialist is currently 3 years and in Private practice books are closed. I would like to hear from others as regards where do we turn.

Take care and I hope you improve daily.



Thank you Tally.


I guess a lot depends on where you live and what your healthcare system is like.

I am in UK had a similar flare in the run up to Christmas - but I’m not just assuming it was a flare of Sjögren’s yet. I had bloods done and pee tested and I had a severe and persistent UTI which often brings these symptoms on for me.

Bloods showed stage 3 kidney disease although this could have been because of the antibiotics. My flare affected my GI system badly as well but eased up as suddenly as it arrived.

I am now to have various investigations and procedures including repeat nerve conduction tests, a gastroscopy with biopsies, neurology and rheumatology reviews and dental treatment.

So my advice would be to get all your bloods done and make sure it is a flare of existing autoimmune disease not something else.


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