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Amalgam fillings in teeth

Hi all, does anyone have any knowledge about amalgam fillings and Sjögrens? I read somewhere that if you suffer from Sjögrens and have amalgam fillings that it’s a good idea to have them removed and replaced with a different material? Is this a good idea and can it help give any kind of relief? My mouth is so dry and sore all the time that it’s really difficult to get any type of relief! Any advice would be appreciated please? 💐

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Hi rosserk 😊🌸🌿🦋

I have watched Dr Memnet Oz an American Dr that has a daily television show who investigated amalgam fillings. Through on air tests performed by a specialist in toxicity it was proven via specialized testing equipment that just brushing your teeth with silver fillings releases unsafe levels that have ill effects on our health. Also as amalgam fillings break down over decades it can migrate from the tooth out into the soft tissues (called tattooing) and cause health problems. Dr Oz advised all patients to replace their amalgam fillings for composite fillings (white ones). It is expensive to do this.

However if you suspect it is affecting your health then it might be worth the cost and effort.

Best wishes for a good outcome.

Take care.



Hi honeybug, thanks for the response. I’ve had my fillings for over 40 years. The other day when I was eating it suddenly felt like I had a tiny pebbles in my mouth. I thought there was something in the food but it turned out it was part of my filling. It literally disintegrated in my mouth into several pieces. It was over the bank holiday so I couldn’t get to a dentist until yesterday, I had to put up with it for two days. It was so sharpe it was catching on my tongue making it extremely sore, it was miserable!

I mentioned to the dentist yesterday about Sjogrens and amalgam fillings and he said it was nonsense. I’m still going to look into having them removed completely but yesterday’s appointment was an emergency temporary fix. 💐

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Hi rosserk, sorry about your filling crisis. I’m glad you got it fixed. Is there anyway that you can forget mentioning Sjögrens and just explain that the filings are so old that you want them replaced with composite materials instead. Maybe you could get somewhere going that way instead. Hope so.

Xxx EJ 😊🌸🌿🦋🤗💗😘🙏


I was told that actually disturbing them to replace them causes more problems so better to leave them until they need to be changed and then replace with white.


Hi Puffyface I was thinking the exact same thing but a one off disturbance compared to the 40 years they’ve resided in my mouth might be worth the risk. Particularly as I believe mine are slowly eroding away. 😭


I am a total believer that amalgam fillings (and the mercury they contain) are responsible for or contribute to illnesses in the body - it’s essentially heavy metal poisoning 24/7....

Add to that that I clench my teeth a lot, and that’s a recipe for disaster!

I took the decision to have all of mine removed this year (I think there were 6 left) and I have one more to go before I do a heavy metal detox to see if it makes a difference.

I have many mild autoimmune conditions/symptoms including Sjögrens and I’m testing the theory and I’m hopeful for improvement 😁

I would say though that if you do decide to have yours removed, you need to make sure that you ask your dentist to use a rubber dam whilst removing the amalgam fillings - to prevent you swallowing any of the bits or the dust. There will be some inhalation of microscopic dust during drilling and removal, but that is a temporary inconvenience in my opinion, compared to the filling remaining in my mouth and constantly releasing its toxins!


Hi, thanks for the comprehensive response it’s very much appreciated.

I’ve been the dentist over the years and had my amalgam fillings re-drilled when they’ve needed repair, without and precautions. I remember at the time the smell of the metal and the dust taste in my mouth which worried me at the time but I trusted the dentist knew what she was doing.

I think I’ve made the decision to have all of mine removed and replaced but I need to make some proper enquiries as to how they will be removed and what precautions they will take.

I hope you start to see some improvements in your symptoms please let us all know if you do.

Kindest regards 💐


Amalgam fillings are not good I had mine removed it didn't make a difference with the dry mouth. Do you use Biotene mouth moisturizing gel, I take coconut oil for the burning and rinse with Bi-carb soda this helps my mouth.

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Hi Beverly, yes I use Biotene and it’s good but I only get two tubes on prescription and it doesn’t last if I don’t use it sparingly. I will certainly try the coconut oil and bicarbonate soda. Thanks for your response 💐


Hi! My dentist removed all my amalgam fillings years ago because they leach into your system and are not healthy for anyone!

I, like Beverley, found biotene mouth wash very good, especially before bed. My mouth doesn't feel quite so dry if I wake during the night. I find sugar-free gum provides relief during the day esp.when I need to talk! I do a lot if that! I apply EUCERIN wool alcohol to my lips esp at night to prevent cracking in the corners. (Sugar in my diet seems to exacerbate that problem.!) I hope this helps you in some way.


Hi, thank you for your response.

Yes I use biotene and I often wake several times during the night to reapply it my mouth gets so dry and uncomfortable. I also chew gum and apply lip balm. I’m going to ask my consultant to let me try an immune suppressant (Plaquenil) before I go mad 😭


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