Seeking recommendation for Newcastle NSW Immunologist

Hi all, I'm new to this site. Been diagnosed for years and years. Was initially diagnosed by Dr David Sutherland in Newcastle. Am looking for an recommendations on doctors to replace him as the immunologist I was sent to next doesn't believe in his ideas on salicylates. I am positive leading a low salicylate lifestyle has decreased my symptoms, with major changes to my quality of life. Any suggestions would be very gratefully recieved because I am basically self managing myself with a kind GP prescribing for me. Thanks Everyone :)

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  • I have been getting great results with Black Seed Oil, my blood tests my doctor says is better than perfect, my energy levels have improved , my liver kidneys and spleen have regenerated, look up the benifits on Google and if you cannot get it at the chemist you can get it from in the shop.

  • Beverly how long were you on the oil before you noticed changes for the better?

    Thank you


  • I was on the Oil 5 weeks before I got a normal blood test and had energy and I was only taking it once a day because I'm on blood thinners.

  • Oh. So it thin blood like fish oil? Better be careful as I am on them too. Thank you Beverly.

  • Hi Sue, Another Novocastrian here....and long term diagnosed SS. I too benefit from diet. I have a narrow diet with lots of natural herbs, supplements and probiotics during the working week and feel fine. On the weekends where I eat a wider range of foods and can skip supplements I find by Sunday night I am reaching for the pain killers. Will look carefully at the effect that salicylates may be having on me. Thanks

  • Do you see a specialist? Need to find a new one!

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