Black seed oil for scalp?? 🤕

Hi there , i have been trouble by a burning, itchy scalp for a while now , my gp has had a look and can see no cause . I have tried hair oil with a bit of success and i found black seed oil in an independent health food shop and it gives some relief as well . I don't know the cause, if it related to the sjogrens or not . Is black seed oil the appropriate thing to use and should i rub it on or drink it . Im worried that it will get worse as the weather gets hotter . Has any any suggestions re the cause or how I should treat it . It drive me demented as night as the pressure of the pillow can make it worse ☹️

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  • Hi W. Have you had an MRI done of your cervical spine at all? There is a condition but I can't recall the name - someone on Lupus UK HU told me about it - it's caused by arthritis of the neck which touches a nerve that can trigger severe itching and tingling in the scalp and on a specific area of the upper back (near where the bra strap sits). I think this causes mine as I do have confirmed wear and tear in my neck. So it may be that if this is causing yours (and neck arthritis is very common but we also know Sjogren's goes hand in hand with arthritis and various types of neuropathy) then a good physiotherapist might be of more help with good neck exercises and some careful massage than topical remedies? X

  • I have read about this ( maybe it was your post ! ) . I do have neck pain but i have never had a scan . I am STILL waiting to see rheumy for steroid injection in hip and i was going to discuss this with her if i got the chance . It is like a nerve pain as it burns and is tender to touch . I am going to continue with the black seed oil but I am not sure if the is a more appropriate treatment . Hows things with you at the moment?

  • I would rub it in and take it,my health has been 100% since I have been using Black Seed Oil.

  • Thanks beverly , how much would you recommend to take and is it ok to take with other medications? It was quite hard to find and the health food shop didn't actually know much about it!!!

  • I take a half teaspoon measure of black seed oil every morning and down it fast with a glass of water ( tastes disgusting ). On Beverlys recommendations I started it and I have to say I've been on it, I have more energy, and I think it's had a regulating effect on my blood pressure, which previously fell dangerously low regularly. Another major benefit has been that my kidney function has been questionable for a while, and again it's improved a lot since the black oil treatment. To such an extent, I am hoping to be signed off nephrology next time I go to the hospital. Huge relief.....I've never known a natural supplement to be so medically effective before.

    I also think my hair quality has improved with it. It was straw like , dry and shedding a lot. Not greatly helped by the highlights I have , which dry it out, but it beats grey! The standard dose, I believe is a half teaspoon am and pm, but I have so many stomach problems , I can't take it at night, but it still has made a big difference to me. I am hoping I will get to a stage when I can lower my hydroxychloroquine dose ( I'm on full dose at mo). I don't really like the side effects of hydroxychloroquine, but it has started to dampen down the sjorgens, which prior to the med, was getting worse and worse . I never realised how many long term health issues were attributable to sjorgens, that I had, and I'm talking many years. I reckon I've had sjorgens since my first child was born and that was almost 19 years ago . I only got diagnosed last year, after a huge health meltdown which put me in and out of hospitals for a year, and only then did questions re immunology emerge after everything took a downturn. When ANA, ENA and RO antibodies came back positive , I finally got some action, but even then I fought for a second opinion when my first rheumatologist diagnosed Fibromalgia and refused to factor in my blood tests.

    she seemed clueless re connective tissue disorders , told me my drying out symptoms ( entire body) was down to my age ( post menopausal) . In fact , if I had a pound for everytime over 19 years all my problems were put down to my age and gynae history , I would have a lot of extra cash!! Fortunately, second rheumatologist diagnosed me, 1 St appointment , told me it was severe sjorgens, also redid my immunology panel which gave same result as 6 months prior.

    Btw I decided not to tell GP I was using black seed oil as he would have told me it was a waste of time... I am on hydroxychloroquine, it doesn't interfere with that or the antibiotics I regularly take for bladder issues.


  • Thanks claire , thats all very helpful! I think alot of us have had the same problem with diagnosis, it takes years for sjogrens to be pinpointed as the problem. I will start with a spoonful tomorrow and see how it goes from there , best wishes xxxx

  • I hope it helps you, good luck x

  • 👍🌸

  • Yuck , just taken first 1/2 spoonful of black seed oil ! It does taste awful , a glass of water does not get rid of the taste 😝

  • Ps I should have asked how you are keeping , has there been any improvement with the Bell's palsy. 🌸

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