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Has anyone here had any kind of surgery while having Sjogrens ? If so any hints ? I am wondering if I will have to stop taking Mycophenolate before surgery. I won't know till tomorrow whether it will go ahead but I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row.

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Make sure you have a good chat with your rheumy and anaesthetist before any surgery and get their advice, if you have a rheumy Nurse she might be able to advise as well . Good luck with the operation x


Thank you weathervane. I am a bit ahead of myself but

I will see the surgeon tomorrow and I can ask. ( if he has ever dealt with a Sjogrens patient !) I will just have to be patient till then)

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I hope it all goes well , do you have to have a general anaesthetic?


Let us know how it goes with surgeon please Bones and best of luck. X


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