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Bev - 2nd rehab session

The Physio nurse arrived while I was there and Bev insisted on a photo - to show how far she has come - which is wonderful but it isn’t that far compared to 'normal' - so it also shows just how bad she is.

This was a 10 metre walk - 5 metres out the door and back and this is the second half - and by that stage she was totally exhausted. The walker isn’t stable enough to support her so there are soda water bottles in the walker basket and the brakes are on to stop the walker sliding away - which means Bev has to lift/push the walker without the wheels rolling - which is all part of the physio.

Bev spent months in rehab after her time in hospital last year and was walking quite well - going shopping etc - but now - she has to start all over again.

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One small step at a time, just great shes out of bed.

Admire her determination and mental strength. Xx


You are a fighter, Bev!!! You are an inspiration!

Keep going, girl. Each forward step brings you closer to getting back home.

~ Hugs ~


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