Steam room and immuno-suppressants


I recently joined a gym and yesterday thought I'd try the steam room but on the door was a sign saying that anyone taking immuno-suppressants should seek medical advice before using it. I was quite surprised as I have used steam rooms in health spas before and never seen a sign like this before. On reading up online it says that steam rooms are good for boosting your immune system si I am assuming this is the reason for the sign. My question is do any of you use steam rooms and has it had any effects on you either good or bad?

2 Replies

  • I have not tried a steam room recently , but i dont think i could cope with it as i suffer in humid condition. I could imagine if you can cope with it , it would be pleasant. . Maybe you could try short burst to see if it helps?

  • Steam rooms, hot tubs, hot showers...I can't do...I start getting sick and pass out. I don't know if it's my immune system or what, but my body can't tolerate them. If you do try them, be careful, if you start getting ill, or faint feeling, get out!