Room spinning- help!

Woke up this morning and when i moved my ear went dead for 2-3 seconds and everything started shifting and spinning. I put my head down again and eventually settled but when i moved again i felt strange . I sat back for a while then got up found if i bend down and turned slightly or moved my head up at all it started again . I dont take alcohol and have not changed meds so googled vertigo. Is this related to sjogrens or could it be due to rituximab infusions in January? Also should I just rest or contact out of hours doc ( we have a good service) . Ive no nausea I just feel weird- my husband says this is normal🙁

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  • Hi, hope your feeling better. I sometimes get this but usually at night or when I first get up, usually end up bumping into the wall or door.

  • Im still feeling strange , my heads full of cotton wool and if I turn or bend the room goes again! Ive contacted the out of hours and im waiting for the doc to phone back. you never know what is going to hit you next 😫

  • My gp has me laying on the bed with my head hanging off the end & she turns my head this way & that way which normally rights it.

  • I have read about those exercises to fix floating crystals in the ear . Hopefully the doctor will suggest something 🤔 Did the doctor show you how to do it for yourself?

  • Yes, fist time 2 times did nothing but third time a little better & she told me to repeat it which I did. It came back but been ok for 7 weeks now.

  • Woooh I don't think I'll try that just yet 😳

  • I thought that to, waited but then thought I have to try something so my sister in law did it with me twice. It did help but you need someone to help you first 5-6 times.

  • Thanks , i have a feeling this will probably be the cause rather than an ear infection as have nopain . Will let you know when see doctor at 4.00!

  • Just back from out of hours , doctor thinks its vertigo and given me stemetil, if no change in couple of day to see my own gp . Doc was very nice, more interested in my Sjögren's treatment than th vertigo. On wards and upwards xx

  • I would go to the doctor and check out your medication, I get like that when my meds need reducing or my potassium levels drop and get your blood pressure checked.

  • I have had this and it goes away but really disturbing

  • Thanks Bev i will go to my own gp as well . I really appreciate everyone's advice thank you all 😀

  • I had a viral infection a few years ago which caused vertigo and gave me similar symptoms ...went after a couple of months . Does rituximab affect blood pressure? Could you have suppressed sodium levels ?

  • Hi chai , thank goodness the vertigo has settled and im feeling alot better , i do know there is a chance it may reoccurr☹️! Rituximab can cause raised BP and mine has been a bit raised. I have to see rheumy soon for steroid injection so will review with her about blood tests, thanks for that . I hope you have been keeping ok and haven't had any more episodes of vertigo as it is quite scary xx

  • It would be low BP that might cause vertigo or even PoTS - which can occur with Sjögren's I believe. X

  • That's a revelation, I've been suffering on and off for years with vertigo , and now I realise the link with low BP. ....thank you!!

  • I've had the spinning/dissiness and it was a vertebrae in my neck that I put out sleeping the wrong way. Twisting from side to side and using my neck to pivot is a bad sleep habit. Have had weekly chiropractic visits (where they massage and loosen the muscles first) for 6 years and the chiro has sorted out headaches, dizziness and chronic heartburn (another twisted vertebrae in thoracic area). Hope you can find a good chiro like this near you.

  • Thanks for the info kev . Im glad this has worked for you . Im back at ENT in a couple of weeks, i will inquire about a scan.

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