SS and Psoriasis

I started developing Psoriasis patches on the top of my head and now small places on my face. I have many small scars on my face from have skin cancer removed and those spots seem to now get inflamed, red and extra dry. Is that the SS or ordinary Psoriasis? My derm gave me a steroid cream to put on my head but I'm a little afraid to use on my face. Is there a better treatment besides the over the counter lotions?

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  • It's probably psoriasis. See your doc for treatment. Using cortisone on your face can cause acne. Good luck.

  • Hi, I am starting to find my head I getting itchy all the time and suspect that it is going to into psoriasis. Do you take fish oil tablets? And have you looked into an autoimmune diet? I am thinking I will start it very soon.

    I am very keen to hear how you have been going with your psoriasis. I hope it has cleared up for you.

  • I just stated taking fish oil tabs and I've tried juicing using an autoimmune recipe. since I don't like veggies much, this part is very hard. :) I haven't noticed much difference yet but I'm sure it takes time. I've heard people have good results.

  • I have become a big believer in diet as I gave up processed food and drank water from a reverse osmosis filter so there was no fluoride or chlorine etc and my joint pain disappeared and now only comes back when I fall of the healthy eating wagon (which I have done the last six months). I expect I can't keep SS at bay forever with healthy eating but anything side effect free that helps sounds good to me.

    Best of luck with it. I look forward to hearing how you go.

  • Do you find your diet helps with things like dry eye and fatigue also?

  • Sorry about my slow reply. I don't really know my way around this forum or see how you get notification on posts your following so I missed your reply completely, sorry. Unfortunately I have not been very good to myself with diet of late due to life stress, so I don't have a current insight to what good diet does for me. Fatigue seems to unpredictable for me at this point. One of those symptoms I am always left wondering what I did to lead to it. Expecting it to be a defecantcy of Vit B or D or just water, and most of the time addressing those helps a lot but I can't say I have that sorted. And dry eyes are something I treat on auto pilot and don't really notice how they are doing compared to other days. I find that external treatment of my eyes are the biggest impact ensuring that I use heat, massage, washing the eyes and regular eye drops (I love Bion Tears as no other have been so comfortable) is the only way to keep my eyes comfortable. My eye doctor also makes sure I keep up with fish oil as having plenty of that and never getting dehydrated seem to be the most important for the eyes.

    Not sure I could have helped at all with that. But I will let you know if I improve my diet and notice improvement with those things.

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