ear pressure from SS?

does anyone else have ear aches and pressure on your ears from SS? My ears have been hurting on and off for about a month now. I went to my PCP to make sure there was no ear infection. He told me there was a lot of wax buildup which is unusual for me but no infection. I cleared my ears and they felt better for a while but now feeling all clogged up again with pressure. I'm also getting a little dizzy at times. Is this a typical symptom of SS because of lymph node swelling or lack of drainage problems? If so, does anyone have a good solution? I've taken Sudafed but it doesn't help.

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  • I don't have pressure but I have constant unrelenting tinnitus and constant itchy ears.

    My nose and top lip and space between also itch like crazy but no one listens.

  • I have the itchy ears and nose problems too. It can be a sign of a food intolerance. Tinnitus is also a symptom of Tarlov Cysts which is a cyst in the nerve sheath of the sacrum. For more info Google Tarlov Cyst Foundation.

  • Hi there

    Your ear, nose and throat are all connected so I could well imagine SS can cause probelm. I have terrible sinus probelms at times,my ears and throat get sore when this happens. Salt rinses help. I would check with the doc again. I hope it settles 🌞

  • I too suffer havvyness below my ear Since long time. I got my ear checked with specialise nurse she did not find anything wronge in ear. There is no wax built up or infection detected. Symptom does not go. Can someone suggest remedy ?

  • Do you have Sjogrens ? If it is below your ear could it be a salivary gland getting blocked?? Do you have any swelling round the jaw below your ear??

  • yes, I do have Sjogrens and I've been having lymph node swelling lately so that's why I ask if the ear pressure and clogged ear feeling had anything to do with that because there is no ear infection.

  • Prior to getting diagnosis of Sjogrens I had constant swelling salivary gland this caused ear pain as well . A dye test showed damage to gland so it swell s every so often, I have learn how to massage gland to help saliva flow. Plaquenil helped to start with and after recent rituximab infusion the lymph nodes have reduced considerably. Could this be a cause of your pain as well??

  • That's a good possibility. I have extra dry mouth at the same time my lymph nodes swell. thanks for the suggestion. I'll study on it also.

  • Check Sjögren's syndrome foundation site for patient info sheet on how to massage salivary glands🤕

  • Yes, I have the same issues everyone has listed here.

    Tinnitus, itching, pressure /pain without infection or wax build up. The symptoms come and go but when one symptom arrives it sticks around for several days.

    I end up using ambesol all the way back in my cheek where the glands hurt and use lidocaine and peppermint oil on the outside on my cheek and all the way around my ear for temporary relief when it gets bad.

    I try all the tricks: sour candy or limes to get the gland flow going again, warmth, massage. It eventually lessens. It is annoying and uncomfortable!!!

  • I was referred to an oral surgeon who was able to give me good advise , also if I had another huge build up I was to go back to him as can get infected very easily. This was all during the time when was being sent here and there before I ended up with rheumatologist who diagnosed Sjogrens .

  • Before I was even diagnosed as having SSS I had the painful build-up of wax in my ears and had them 'vacuumed' in hospital! I now manage it with a few drops of olive oil and a wire loop thingy. My ears still ache mildly though and I have neurological hearing loss when I cannot distinguish what is being said if there are competing noises. It was weird and folk would be frankly puzzled until it was diagnosed/explained! Odd how so many SS symptoms are so off the wall isn't it?

  • Yes it is strange. I've had many SS symptoms for several years thinking they were unrelated until I was diagnosed two years ago and started researching the disease. Now as new symptoms come up I check with the fine people using these sites to make sure it's common to SS and not something else. I was told to try mixing olive oil with peroxide to remove the wax and it's worked well so far.

  • Hi there, I am very new to SS but had the same symptoms with my ear a few months ago. I went to the doctor 2 times (antibiotics and antiinflams which did help for a while), I went and got my ears cleaned out and then to the dentist thinking maybe it was an abscess ...as I had this horrible ache and felt my ear was blocked but it also went into the jaw and it just didn't go away. I ended up going back to the doctors for the third time ...and finally they sent me to a specialist...and the specialist put a whole lot of issues together to tell me I had SS. One of which is dry mouth and massaging the saliva gland in front of the ear has helped. I have just had a bilateral parotid sialendoscopy...which I have to say has not helped me. But Panadol and massaging are working for me at the moment. I am new on the journey and learning a lot from others which is very very helpful.

  • thanks for your reply. I am somewhat new to SS myself and always checking to see if others with SS have the same symptoms. It's somewhat comforting to hear that others do have the same problems and there are ways to deal with it.

  • Yes I have pressure and pain especially in my right ear. Have had it checked by ENT who said I was experiencing hearing loss. (I knew that already) he had no explanation. My rheumy said I have fluid in my right ear canal but doesn't know why. Had a CT scan of sinuses and they were clear. I am going to find someone means who can do a lymph gland drain massage on my neck and head. Also heard warm compacts on neck can help relieve pressure in ear.

  • thanks for the feedback. I've been told the lymphatic massage helps a lot.

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