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Pommy g'day ... is it really sjogrens?

G'day (sorry couldn't resist)

I'm newly diagnosed with sjogrens... About 4 hours ago! 

I'm afraid to say it makes no sense to me or my GP we both feel I've got more lupus symptoms.  

I'm awaiting saliva gland biopsy (my mouths a little bit dry but no swallowing issues) I've got a little bit of a dry eye (but I can wear hard contacts for 18 hours no bother) and the gynaecologist assures me that's not dry either. 

I've had some blood tests and that's how the diagnosis was made. 

I've had an injection to dampen my immune response and can start hydroxychloroquine if that doesn't help. My worst symptom is the fatigue. 

Does this sound like sjogrens to you guys? Any advice please?

Thanks in advance 

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You dont say why you had the blood tests but yes,  even though mild symptoms with mouth & eyes, sounds like SS.

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Also you don't say what blood tests you had done. Did you have ENA's done (Extractable Nuclear Antibodies)? If so, which of those came back positive? If not, did your ANA's come back positive?

There is quite a lot of overlap with symptoms with Lupus and Sjögren's and fatigue is common with most autoimmune conditions.

You have to be guided by what the clinical symptoms are, the blood tests and from there your doctor. Hopefully your GP will refer you to someone who is more specialist in autoimmune conditions like a Rheumatologist. Who prescribed you the hydroxychloroquine?

G'day to you from an Aussie Sjögrens (most probably).


I'm embarrassed to say I don't know what blood tests I had or the results. My partner couldn't join me at the appointment due to short notice and I was just told ss and drawn a very patronising picture! I'll talk to GP as suggested. Thanks 


Sounds very much like SS or Lupus of which I have both. If you have either or both your whole system will probably end up dry inside and out. keep your fluids up and drink water, when  I was first diagnosed I was suffering from severe loss of energy a dry mouth and eyes also skin. I was advised to take a natural product called Mannatech which rejuvinates the cells in your body. I have been on it for 5 years now and am off all medications that have side effects. I live in New Zealand and it is not available here but I order it from Australia. I take the powder form ambrotose and the tablets called Plus. They take awhile to kick in but if you decide to try them you must stay on them don't give up as they need time to work on your depleted system.

They are not cheap but have made a very big difference to my lifestyle in the fact that I have got my energy levels back and can now walk and ride my bike and lead a normal LIFE again. It may also help to take a vitamin and mineral addition as people with auto immune problems are lacking in that quarter. It will not help the dryness but will give you a much better quality of life. You can take this product as a health booster with any illness you may have. Google Mannatech it may be available in other countries beside Australia. Good luck. 



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