Sister and sjogrens

My sister has just experienced vaginal bleeding and I was wondering if it could be associated with Sjogrens. She is 64 years old and has no other symptoms other than dry eyes and mouth. Reading an article on it, it did say it could be the glands which are dry in that area. Has anyone on here ever experienced the same or similar problem please?

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  • Your sister should see the gp and ask about a gynae appointment as this always needs checked out , best wishes

  • Thanks for your reply. She has been this morning but I was wondering if the two were connected.

  • I dont know about that but hopefully the doctor will have some answers

  • Hi Greenfingers - I have SS too, but honestly nothing like what you are suggesting. Sorry I can't help. I think her GP trip is the best answer.. Best of luck

  • I guess very severe vaginal atrophy (dryness of Sjögren’s or ageing/ menopause) might cause some bleeding - but very glad this is being properly checked out.

  • Thank you I did wonder about that but she is going next week for a scan.

  • Actually this same thing has just happened to me very recently . I am 54 , 5 years post menopausal. The bleed is being investigated via gynae clinic, but I didn't think it felt like a cervix bleed, more like something else, as I had no cramps etc. I too have been wondering if this could be related to my sjorgens . Has your sister consulted the rheumatologist for an opinion?

  • Hi, thanks for replying, it turned out she had a cervical polyp which was removed. Then she had to go for a scan which has shown fluid in her womb which shouldn’t be there.

    She failed to ask some questions when she got the results so is speaking to the GP tomorrow just to clarify. She may have to have a Hysteroscopy. The GP said because of Sjögrens the fluid has nowhere to go but she is asking again.

    I will let you know the outcome on here.

  • By the way she doesn’t see a reumatologist she just has a thyroid scan to check for Lymphoma as she has a lump on her thyroid. This is once a year with blood tests.

  • I too had cervical polyps removed a few years back, I think I may have them again. My scan was clear , no fluid problem, and thin lining, so I am more relaxed re anything seriously sinister, but I have to go back for hysteroscopy, which may pick up problems missed by scan. They will also biopsy from cervix. I am not looking forward to it. I have suffered after the last examinations etc, and sjorgens doesn't make any of it easy to cope with . I have only had a hysteroscopy under general anaesthetic before, and they are insisting on doing it in the docs surgery room. I suppose I will have to go through it though, as I need treatment / answers.

    I am glad for your wife that she has a diagnosis , gynae problems are never pleasant. Please wish her well

  • She is actually my sister but non the less it is an awful time for you too. She was hoping for a general anaesthetic too but so far doesn’t look like it. She too suffers when procedures are carried out so I know it’s hard.

    Hope you get some answers too and thanks for your input.

  • Sorry about "wife," my mess up. Thanks for your reply

  • Hey, don’t worry about it that’s the least of all our problems, take care x

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