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Helminth Therapy - anyone in Aus or NZ trying this?


I am been on this experimental therapy for 3 months now.

Early days for me, but very promising

For a good background read on the whole area of why auto-immune and allergy problems are at high levels in the developed world only try this e-book or hardcopy 'An epidemic of Absence'

As there have been clinical trials undertaken in both Australia and NZ, I wondered if there was anyone in this forum who is also using this, and if so what results they have had.

For those who want to know a bit more a good background can be obtained at This information is a little outdated, and I am happy to provide more information and more uptodate information to anyone who would like this.

For me my energy levels are more variable and the ups are much more than the occasional downs, my aches and pains are much reduced, but there is no improvement yet to my dryness - Sjogrens. It is quite early days though and improvements are gradual 80% of people are reporting good to v good improvements for a range of autoimmune and allergy problems.

Happy to discuss further I have a pile of research papers here I am happy to distribute

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For all the latest info on helminthic therapy, visit the largest reference work on this topic - the Helminthic Therapy wiki.

The site has full details about all the organisms that are being used and the companies that supply them, as well as hundreds of scientific papers, media articles and personal stories by helminthic therapy self-treaters. And the site is updated daily.


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