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As many of you are only too aware the doctors can only do so much for us and it’s really up to us to 'help ourselves” 6 years ago my symptoms worsened dramatically. Around that time desperate for any help, I started to explore every possible avenue. After the 'very fortunate suggestion of an acquaintance, and a lot of research on my part I embarked on a cellular nutrition program.

The following is an excerpt from a web site developed by a doctor Ray Strand who specializes in nutritional medicine, (with amazing results). I know its lengthy but I encourage you to read it. It makes so much sense.

...We have no choice but to live in our present environment. Our bodies are affronted daily by excessive production of free radicals caused by our polluted environment, stressful lifestyles, and over-medicated society. Though we can certainly reduce the amount of free radicals our bodies produce by: not smoking, decreasing stress levels, and avoiding toxic chemicals, most of our bodies are still unable to fight the overwhelming daily attack on the natural defence system. Remember balance is the key--we need enough antioxidants available to neutralize the free radicals produced.

Over the past 50 years, nutritional medicine and supplementation has focused on replenishing a nutritional deficiency. Countless hours and dollars have been spent trying to determine exactly which nutrients our bodies are depleted of. Blood tests, urine tests, hair samples, muscle testing, and more have been conducted in an attempt to determine which nutrients we need to supplement. However, we have been aiming at the wrong target. The present problem is not a nutritional deficiency, but rather, underlying oxidative stress. Oxidative stress has now been shown beyond any shadow of doubt via medical research to be the root cause of over 70 chronic degenerative diseases. Diseases like heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer's dementia, macular degeneration, lupus, MS, and the list goes on and on.

Because oxidative stress is our concern rather than specific nutritional deficiencies, we must determine the best approach to preventing or controlling oxidative stress. This is accomplished by bolstering one's natural defences through cellular nutrition.

Cellular nutrition is simply providing ALL nutrients to the cell at optimal levels. This allows the cell to determine what it actually does and does not need. I don't have to worry about determining which nutrients the cell is deficient in. I simply provide all of the important nutrients at optimal levels-those levels shown to provide a health benefit in the medical literature. Any nutritional deficiencies will be automatically corrected over the next few months by this approach and all the other vital nutrients will be brought up to their optimal levels as well.

Cellular nutrition is providing the body with all the antioxidants along with the supporting B vitamins and antioxidant minerals at optimal levels. This is "preventive medicine" at its best because we can literally attack the disease process at its core by preventing oxidative stress from occurring.

You may be wondering if we can control oxidative stress by simply improving our diet and eating more fruits and vegetables. This is definitely a good start. By simply eating 7 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day you can decrease the risk of heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer's dementia, and cancer, two to three fold. We certainly want to supplement a good diet-not a bad diet. However, even if you eat a great diet you can barely obtain the RDA level of all essential nutrients.

When all of the necessary nutrients are provided to the cell in a complete and balanced nutritional supplement, the combined effect is phenomenal. The potency of these nutrients in optimizing our body's natural antioxidant, immune, and repair systems when this synergy is achieved is maximized. Oxidative stress can be controlled and our health will be protected.

I also apply these principles for my patients who are already suffering from a major chronic degenerative disease. I provide them with the same basic cellular nutrition I recommend for all my patients and then I add additional potent antioxidants, which I refer to as optimizers, to the regime tailored to each specific disease.

When physicians take advantage of the most tremendous healing asset, the host-our bodies, and support it rather than denying its importance in the healing process, amazing clinical improvement is possible.

Cellular nutrition is about health, not disease. "Attacking" the root cause of chronic degenerative disease is true preventive medicine. By applying these same principles, you who are in good health can decrease the risk of developing these chronic degenerative diseases.

Over the past seven years, I have changed my approach. I now strongly encourage and support my patients in taking a three-fold approach to health: eating well, practicing a consistent exercise program, and daily consuming high-quality nutritional supplements. I now use medication as a last resort-not as my first choice.

Choosing High Quality Nutritional Supplements

I personally believe that the products I recommend are the most complete and balanced , nutritional products on the market today. In fact, all the clinical case study results documented in my new book, What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You, were achieved by using those products

Back to My story...

Since I started looking into cellular nutrition I have discovered that all nutritional product is not created equal, The product you take must be able to be used by your body, it must be of the highest potency and uniform. You want every tablet to be the same as every other tablet.

So what actually happened for me... ?

7 days after I started taking the product my nerves started to regenerate. Initially I thought they were dying as they were so jumpy and twitchy. A visit to the doctor told me that they were in fact regenerating. I had more regeneration in 1 week than I had in the previous 5 years Then I noticed I was sleeping better and more deeply.

Now 7 months later my rheumatologist, looking at my blood tests, commented that he, "Had no explanation for my blood tests which were nearly the same as a healthy person.

The indicators for Sjogren's in the blood test were evident but not active.

The inflammation level in the blood that had been at one point 697 was now down to 37.

(A healthy person is 30 or under.)

My rheumatologist couldn't explain this....hmmm. He also said, "He didn't know what had happened and where it was now. "

So in closing I couldn't be enjoying these results without sharing the information I have with all you,

I have Sjögren’s Peripheral Neuropathy.





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Hi Bev, thank you so much for the article and sharing your story...I am very aspired by the article and your story...will definately be looking into it. Thanks again...let us know how things go. xxx


Hi June I will do a follow up blog soon, this is a busy time of the year,Will try to do it in the next couple of weeks.


Hi Beverly, thank you for that. You mentioned it came from a website. What is the web address and where can we find the supplements?

Reply has a shop were you can buy the supplements if you would like to join and share your symptoms with me i am a qualified nutritionist and i can work out a cellular program to suit you.


I have just turned 50 and feel like I am totally falling apart. I have been very healthy and not used to feeling in pain somewhere in my body. It is so bad I feel really depressed at times. I suppose I've put up with it at continued on with things in the past but now it's really annoying. I've only a few weeks ago been diagnosed with this and feel like the doctors are not very interested. I felt they thought I was making things up because when they did scans and X-rays everything looked okay. I have an enormous amount of symptoms it's overwhelming just thinking about it. My eyes sting during the day and during the night when I wake I can't open my eyes they hurt so much. I have a dry mouth and nose. I cough a lot and get a crocky voice a lot. I recently on occasions felt nausea a nd dizzy even when sitting. I had ringing in my left ear. Pain in my left armpit which wakes me during the night. This pain radiates down my arm and hand sometimes feels numb. My feet hurt so much in the morning I can't walk properly goes away if I keep walking. My feet feel swollen and skin is tight. Dry skin. Sores on my upper arms and get sore (not pimples) on my face which really hurt. I have pain in my abdomen like period pain but have not had my period for around 7 years. I'm not sure if I've forgotten anything but it's driving me crazy. Have started taking the malaria tablet recommended by my rhumatogist he said it would take a while to work. Would like to try some natural therapies. Can you suggest anything? Look forward to hearing back from you


Hi Giovanna, the doctors are not interested as they know very little about Sjogrens,with your stinging eyes, do you use eye drops as in Bion Tears etc and a cream at night called Poly Visc or something similar. For the dry mouth drink lots of water and put 8 drops of Glycerine in, and use Biotene mouth moisturising gel. You need to get yourself a juicer and have lots of vegetable and fresh fruit juices, eat lots of sprouts and salad with a compromised immune system you need lots of liquid nutrition to feed the cells. Pain in the armpit is a blockage in the Lymphatic system you need to go to a therapists that does Lymphatic drainage.Sjogrens effects the Peripheral nervous system, which is why you have pain in your feet, you also sound like you have poor circulation, massage will help. Dry skin you need a good moisturiser, sores large doses of zinc and potassium and magnesium, you body needs a good cellular nutrition program then most of your problems will go away, have a look at my website for more info


Thanks Beverly, i will try your suggestions. Do the eyedrops you suggested have preservatives in them?? I read in a book to be carefull with eyedrops and creams with preservatives in them because they can also cause damage to your eyes.


no they are preservative free


just been reading you very intersting article.


Hi I am pleased that the cellular level is now being talked about and investigated. I have been on the Mannatec products of Ambrotose Complex and Plus for the last 4 years and my symptons have reduced greatly. Flares are more cushioned down and don't last long. These products that I am on I send to Australia for and are a natural product that supports the cell formation in the body. the phone no from New Zealand is 0800 333 250 and for Australia 1300 361 878 It is so simple to take . You have to be patient and take it for about 6 months before you can just drop it as not working. It takes time for the cells to be reborn healthy. Give it a go hang in there and give it time to work. It has changed my life.