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Could I have Sjogrens?

I have had symptoms of dry mouth, dizzy head, breathlessness, along with more frequent urination. I have a more or less permanent vertigo problem which I cope with most of the time, but when I get an attack of the above symptoms (they all accompany each other), it wipes me out.

When i first went to my gp i was sent for an x-ray and the results said I had some small hypoechoic nodules within both lobes of thyroid. However because the blood tests TSH) fewll into the normal range it was decided i didn't have thyroid problem.

I spent most of last year in bed with fatigue (gp not interested!). Been sent to ENT and physio for the vertigo, which hasn't helped at all.

Each symptom has been tested individually. ie the urination was a 6 hour collection every hour to see if I concentrated it - i did, so i was 'normal'.

The endocrinologist said my problem wasn't endocrine system and discharged me.

I saw holistic dr here in UK (he is an ex medical dr and knows his stuff) who says it's more than likely i do have a thyroid problem and i take Nutri products for it, which i have to say have helped somewhat.

However I am still no further ahead with the above mentioned symptoms and just wondered if anyone over there has also experienced the dizziness (not a spinning kind, more like when you step off a boat kind) along with Sjorgens. Many thanks

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Hi, You don't say anything about dry eyes. Most people with Sjogrens will have that symptom as a given in fact that was one of the first symptoms that started to show itself with me. Also I would not associate more frequent urination with it either but others may have a different view on that.

Sorry I can't be more helpful. Hope you feel better soon.


No, I can't say i have dry eyes as such. I have other eye related problems associated with vertigo. When reading a little about Sjorgens symptoms I remember something about dryness in the nose and airway passages which i have. Also swollen glands in throat too. Thanks anyway


Hello Its very frustrating and Drs makes us feel like we are going nuts It took me years to be rightfully diagnosed with Lupus all those years of Dr's and rheumatologist trying this med and that med to help you need to find a Dr that has a keen intrust in auto immune illness. have you been tested for diabetes ? dry mouth is also known to be a symptom of Diabetes as well and running to the loo for a wee Dry month can also be a symptom of a lot of things. I do get dizzy and the feeling of drunk type of dizzy not room spinning however that has been said to be more related to my blood pressure. I had Sjogren's for a lot of years and even though I already lupus that is also can be a trigger for Sjogren's as well as Sjogren's is not always a stand alone illness. It was not until my mouth felt like it was full of sand all the time that I went to a Dr and was finally diagnosed. So see if you can find a Dr that has a keen intrust in all auto immune illness. Good luck maybe somebody else here can help you


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