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Looking for incontinence supplies

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I had a prostatectomy with Lupron and Radiation. I developed hemorrhagic radiation cystitis and underwent multiple cystoscopies to control bleeding. I am now quite incontinent. I am a golfer and looking for incontinence supplies that are easy to change (without removing your pants). I tried Men's Liberty external catheters, but they are a pain to put on, and leak

Any suggestions


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Hi can you have/use an Indwelling catheter if so have with a Rusch Belly bag plus a flip flo valve which can use bladder as best can till need to go then flip open fill bag then close so bladder capacity is kept unlike just open use.

Stay away from leg bags!

you can learn to insert your self so can only use them for golfing etc then remove and if short term isn't a problem like can be long term over a week etc

Many use this method.

I would definitely use this Product Advisor on Continence Central’s website. You fill in the credentials of your interests and a list of products and vendors will show up. They will ship right to your doorstep. Since your desires are very specific, maybe another brand of catheter would be worth trying? There are other options like indwelling catheters and body-worn urinals. A knowledgable physician can help if there are issues like discomfort or leakage. Hope you find what you need!


You say you have hemorrhagic radiation cystitis. I did to. I spent a month in hospital before the bleeding stopped. I then had 60 treatments of Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). 4 years ago. I had one re-occurrence 1 year ago with a steroid wash. Nothing since. Treatment for the bleeding with 25f 3way catheters resulted in incontinence, strictures and calcification of the old prostate. I'm dealing with that now but at least the bleeding and bladder spasms are gone.

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Hi, my hubby bleeds so much and we don’t feel his urologist is doing enough or even cares. Urologist indicates he feels it’s radiation cystitis. My husband had 37 radiation treatments in 2010. The bleeding started this January. And before his most recent 14 radiation treatments he just had in July. What treatment did you get in the hospital to get the bleeding stopped and we’re your treatments for the hyperbaric oxygen covered by insurance? Thx and I hope u continue to do well.

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The latest treatment for bladder bleeding caused radiation is a overnight wash of the bladder with a steroid solution. It may take longer. HBOT is covered by Medicare and some of the plans. Check before you sign up. It is offered by most large hospitals to promote wound healing for Diabetes patients. It does not always work indefensibly but can be repeated. I have not had a recurrence in over a year. A little bleeding is bothersome but OK. A lot will ultimately cause clotting and require cauterization. Don't wait until that happens

I have to wear diapers from my incontinence. I chose to stay away from catheters cause of the frequent bladder infections and spasms, but I still get the spasms which the doctors think it's from the spinal cord injury. Anyways if your looking for a diaper that you don't have to remove any clothing then you should check out NorthShoreCare.com they give out free samples to make sure you know what works for you before you buy an entire pack. I use the MegaMax diapers and the supreme diapers. Good luck and hope you find what best works for you.

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