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I have many issues but i think the worst is incontinence due to self harm. well, really all my issues are each as bad and the list shown here is only partial. i seem to be untreatable but i keep trying to get somewhere. i mainly need support via connection with other people who know that even though my issues may be extreme and are kind of mysterious, i am hoping to stop the damage and heal finally.

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Why not start by accommodateing your incontinence as best you can whilst exploring the possibility of treating the causes with a view to reversing them?

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Thanks for your reply. I'm going to post some more specific issues about me soon about my ongoing treatment and ever present issues that I still don't understand. I am afraid to say the things I have to, but I feel speaking up about this is the only course of action I can take. Problem is people can be judgemental before they understand the full story. I don't even understand the full story but can tell much about it anyway. Thanks again for replying.

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Don't be afraid of opening up. That is the first step to making progress. I don't think anyone will be judgemental; if anyone is, ignore them.

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Here you can open up, there has been nobody here that I'm aware of that is judgemental. I've heard a lot of tuff stories on here and not once was anyone judgemental about it. Good luck and wish you the best.

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Welcome, I hope that in this community you will find a safe space to find helpful suggestions. Of course, we always encourage you to communicate openly with your physician/doctor. Sometimes it may take finding the right physician who is knowledgeable and can give options. Many, even in the healthcare profession, neglect to consider all of the options for incontinence-related issues. So definitely do research and it would help to take what you learn and communicate with your doctor. We are here for any questions you may have and hope to be of help. Many of our awesome Health Unlocked members have a lot of experience and provide input often! It’s great you’re also on a journey of healing! Finding emotional support can be so vital in the healing process. Thanks for reaching out!

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Thanks LAG, I'm gunna post some more specifics about my self harm issues because that is what has brought about my incontinence but self harm seems to have me attacking many aspects of me from things like body waste to social things and lately my sexuality. I just don't understand what is going on and why and also at this point in my life. I am presently received professional mental help but need friendly support about my sexuality which is clearly directly linked to my incontinence issues. I think this situation is kind of far removed from the usual incontinence talk but I definitely need support for this. I'm hoping I can find it here. Thanks.

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Welcome to this caring community. I hope you will feel free to share, and please know that all the replies come from people who truly support healing in all of its forms.

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