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Urinary incontinence

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hey I’m really embarrassed and can’t believe im even writing about it. Im struggling with urinary incontinence I’m so overwhelmed and confused I don’t understand what to do and I just feel helpless and I really need some help and advice about absorbent product and what can be a good product in my situation.

3 Replies
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No need to be embarassed. Millions deal with this and it's nobody's fault. What absorbent product is best depends on many factors. The two biggest are how frequent your incontience episodes are and how heavy they are. Your sex also makes a difference. Men's options are somewhat limited because the penis shifts and can leak urine out side the coverage area of the pad. If you only lose a small amount of urine occasionally, you can probably get away with a pad in your underwear; just make sure it is designed for your sex's anatomy. However anything larger than that may require protective underwear or even a tape on brief. I know you don't want to hear that, but I wear briefs 24/7. Once you get used to the idea, and start thinking of them as your underwear, it gets easier. I still get depressed from time to time. My incontinence is occasional, but when it does happen, I can flood like niagra falls. So, I really don't have a choice. I was wearing disposables, but now mainly use adult sized cloth diapers. Feel free to ask more specific questions ; more than happy to help!

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A good way to start the search for suitable protection is the Internet. A click on incontinence pants - Google Search (images) reveals some of the enormous variety. This can be followed by choosing a few of what look the closest to your needs; then a click on these sites to follow through with your requirements - size, level of absorption, appearance, cost ....

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Please don't be embarrassed! This is something that millions of people live with each and every day for a host of reasons.And that leads me to my first question: Have you seen a doctor or healthcare provider and have you been told why you have incontinence and what type? Was there a discussion on therapies to help you? While many types of incontinence cannot be completely reversed, many can be helped with diet, exercise, medications, etc. It all depends on what's causing your incontinence! You need to know that if you don't already.

Next, like the other responses have indicated, there is an amazing array of products available and what you need depends so much on how often and how much you leak. One website that has many of the brands available (that you won't find in a grocery or big box store) can be reviewed on continencecentral.org. Many online retailers will also send you samples through the mail so you can test products at home to see what will work best for you.

This is a great place to ask questions and get responses from people who have incontinence, so keep asking questions!

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