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Cramping and Tiredness

Inability to complete household chores due to tiring, cramping in hip area and stiffness. Did some research and last Monday began taking vitamins to help get oxygen to my cells hopefully they will help. See picture. Also taking Buffered Vitamin C once a day. I have Sickle Cell Trait only.

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People with sickle cell are not to take vitamin C it messes with our red blood cells my naturopath advised me of that!

So be careful. And eat red meat, it's great for our red cells.


So that is great information. Why shouldn't someone with sickle cell not take vitamin c? Is it bad for them? Does this apply to those with trait also who suffers with symptoms?


So taking all those vitamins hasn't helped...had an anxiety attack on my way home from work 2 days ago..never happened before like that. Usually only have discomfort when having a MRI. I thought I was having a heart attack...still suffering from body aches (feels like flu aches). Will incorporate more red meat into my diet. Thanks


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