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Is SCT the cause of my health problems?

Hi! I it's good to know there is somewhere I can go to hear about other experiences of SCT, as there isn't much out there. I am 30 and have always known I have SCT but until recently didn't really know what that meant. Having always been told there are no symptoms and I only need to think about it if wanting to have children, I never thought it too serious. But I have had health problems for the past couple of years and still don't know what is wrong with me. I suffer from fatigue most days, never feel refreshed and well rested when I wake, get headaches and foggy head, get short of breath just from walking up the stairs (this I find is worse when I have had less sleep) and have dull pain in soles of feet, legs, wrist and fingers, as well as muscle tightness in my back at night, which sometimes wakes me up, and I feel run down a lot of the time. I have low iron and I'm taking a supplement which has helped, however some days I still don't feel great. I'm not sure if it is related to being SCT, I have made an appointment to get tests done to find out more about my trait, it does sound similar to problems experienced by others. Please keep sharing. I wish there was more awareness and research into this!

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CBD oil, works as an anti-inflammatory and pain free 8-12 hours I.V. Treatments vitamins and minerals, Gluthothyone for the liver and kidneys, Alpha Lipoic Acid for pain crises


Thank you very much, heard the CBD oil is good. I feel a lot better atm actually, think it has left me. Thank you again, I'll give them a go.


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