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Specialists in South Africa who understands about SC traits

I am a 44 year old female and was diagnosed of SC traits when I was 28, at that time I was living in England . I have bouts of fatigue 4 days out is 7. It has now gotten worse because I have my periods every 21 days . Thanks for this forum coz I have constantly told that I should not suffer from symptoms of the traits . Some symptoms I have are spells of diziness , memory loss and tiredness , low vitamin D levels and low iron levels

My questions are as follows :

I live in South Africa , are they any good Hematologists I can consult here .

2. What are the supplements I can take to help live a normal life . Just need to have energy at least to complete daily tasks .2

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The main ones my mother gave me are cayenne or cayenne & garlic capsules, pau de'arco, spirulina, Suma root, any red or purple vegetation, tbs of molasses for iron (always after you eat bc you might throw up due to the iron intake)...In your case taking a multi vitamin with high vitamin c & d along with iron fortified foods should do just fine...i also recommend cream of wheat since one serving has 50% of your daily iron need.


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