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SICKLE CELL NEWS (Jan-March 2018)

SICKLE CELL NEWS (Jan-March 2018)

Here are the stories/articles on the Jan-March 2018 edition:

1. NIGERIA 2019 ELECTIONS: Professor Mrs. Adesanya-Davies blazes the trail for involvement of women with SC in politics - she aims for the highest political office in the land!

2. Barrister Uche Ojukwu suffered a rare SCD complication that sapped all her confidence and self-esteem - yet she love on Black Friday 2017

3. CRISPR: may be a new scientific frontier for bringing SCD to heel

4. Mariam Kay launches the DORA FOUNDATION in the UK.

5. POOF!; A Professor of Lab Science claims he can cure SCD, but can't provide simple proof.

6. Pretty Matilda Nayondo, 21 lives with SCD --- wants to see the world

7. Family recalls an Indian trip to cure child by Bone Marrow Transplant

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