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My daughter have sickle cell

My child of 3 years is suffering from sickle cell anaemia and her eyes are always yellow pl wat can I do to make d eye whiter

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Hi Mojisola, I will advice you see your Doctor or General Practitioner for appropriate care for your daughter and sickle cell management, most likely you will be referred to a Haematologist. Do take care and Love to your daughter.


I second the comment made by JJibogu, seeing a specialist is crucial.

However, that being said I have yellow eyes, nothing I do will make them white, not for lack of trying and I asked my doctor the reason for this, it is because I have jaundice and I have sickle-cell anaemia. Which basically means I have jaundice twice because jaundice is a disease on its own and it is also a symptom of sickle-cell anaemia.

I drink four litres of alkaline water everyday, my eyes are as light as I'm ever going to get them and I understand and accept that about myself.

I hope your daughter feels better.


You can't.

And to be honest with sickle cell that should be the smallest part of your worries. You need to ensure your daughter has as few crisis as possible and is growing normally. Hence jjibogu advice should be followed.


Hi she should drink more water.Her daily does of folic acid will also help.


Try liquid chlorophyl. It detoxifies the liver


Hi Mojisola,

Hope you are aware that for bone marrow transplant is the only curative solution for sickle cell anemia. Bone marrow from a healthy donor can be transplanted into the affected child which can cure the condition. An HLA matching person from the family can be a donor. Non-infected siblings can be a potential donor. In case there is no matching donor in the family a donor can be sourced from the worldwide registries. To know the complete procedure and pre-requisites of a bone marrow transplant




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